3 Gorgeous Kitchen Tile Patterns You Need To See

Are you looking for a great new look for your kitchen tile? You want something stylish yet classy. You want a tile that works with your space’s location, layout, and size. You also want it to be budget-friendly and easy to install.

Floors truly make or break the kitchen. A beautiful floor adds elegance and style to the entire room.

Finding the right kitchen tile patterns can help you transform your space and go from drab to fab in no time. We’ll explain the types of tiles you should consider for your kitchen. Keep reading!

1. Classy Herringbone Pattern

For those looking to add a bit of sophistication and style to the kitchen, the herringbone pattern is the way to go. This beautiful tile pattern oozes luxury and looks amazing when laid in a kitchen. The herringbone pattern consists of rectangular tiles laid in a zigzag formation.

Its simple yet cultured design makes it the perfect tile pattern for a luxurious kitchen. It can be laid in plain white or with colored tiles to create a beautiful contrast. Herringbone tile patterns work in all kitchen styles, from traditional to contemporary.

Whether it is laid on the walls, the floor, or the kitchen island, this pattern will add a touch of elegance and glamor to any kitchen.

2. Mesmerizing Mosaic Pattern

Mesmerizing mosaic patterns are definitely a must-see. The intricacy and colors are enough to draw anyone in. Typically in a mosaic pattern, small pieces of tile come together to form a larger design.

The colors used can range from bright and eye-catching to soft and subtle. You can match the colors of your kitchen to match your interior design style or choose contrasting colors to really make the design stand out. Whatever the colors are, these patterns are sure to make your kitchen stand out in awe.

The dark grout between the tiles adds further depth to the design and further enhances the colors of the tiles. It can also make your kitchen interior more elegant and grand. View these glass mosaic tiles for a variety of designs to choose from.

3. Timeless Basketweave Pattern

With its symmetrical design, the basketweave pattern is sure to make a statement in any room. This classic look is perfect for creating an eye-catching and timeless kitchen backsplash or flooring. This traditional pattern is formed by alternating sets of vertical and horizontal rectangular tiles in pairs.

This pattern, when using two different colors, creates an attractive and unique interwoven look. It can also be used as an accent, alternating with either a plain or patterned tile. With so many options and possibilities available, the basketweave pattern is the perfect choice for your next kitchen project.

Trendy Tile Patterns for Your Kitchen

Tile designs provide endless possibilities for a kitchen, from unique color and texture combinations to elegant, intricate patterns. Whether you’re looking to give your kitchen a bold, modern update with a herringbone pattern or a timeless classic with a basketweave tile design, these gorgeous tile patterns are sure to give your kitchen a perfect look. Visit your local hardware store today to explore all the options!

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