10 Best Barbie Party Decorations Ideas

Barbie is over 60 years old. Still, girls of all ages adore the slender, ever-young, smart, and beautiful doll. Many would say that a party in the style of Barbie is more suitable for kids. But adults also like this theme ― birthdays, graduations, girl’s nights, and even weddings. Regardless of the age of the birthday girl, let the party decorations resemble a dollhouse. This is the most logical and easy-to-execute option.

Pink Color

Barbie loves pink, so take it as a base; you can take several shades. Add white (lightness, airiness) or black/gray (glamour, spiciness) to make it less cloying. Red, lavender, pastel turquoise, and light green harmonize with the color pink and are also quite in the style of Barbie. The children’s party will be bright but not tastelessly colorful (if not to mix everything). Stripes, ribbons, and bow ties are also in the theme.


To enhance the atmosphere, hang Barbie balloons. Today, you can easily find themed balloon decorations for a barbie party. There is a wide range of balloons ― simple pink latex, foil with a picture of Barbie, and balloon figures of human height. So your imagination can run wild.


Arrange the dollhouses, plastic or cardboard, Barbie-style (for the party, you can make it in a hurry, it’s easy). Let the dolls be everywhere: sitting and standing, mini-scenes, and compositions with Barbie attributes (toy sets ― kitchens, pools, cars, animals, etc.). Buy a barbie theme bubble house and let your kids have fun.

Beautiful Outfits

You can cut out dresses from paper or assemble a garland of a doll’s closet. You can hang real dresses here and there on flirty openwork hangers (heavy cardboard, paint).

Beauty Zone

Organize a beauty area for girls in the pink-glamorous Barbie style, with a variety of cosmetics, hairpin beads, fluffy boas, colored wigs, and other princess accessories.

Silhouette Pictures

Print silhouette pictures (chandeliers, photo and picture frames, shoes, handbags, and other accessories). Black silhouettes on a pink background or vice versa is an easy and inexpensive way to elegantly decorate a room in Barbie style, perfect for a party! Search for “feminine silhouette pieces” and “baroque silhouette”.

Paper Decorations

Add to the party decor by hanging paper and tulle decorations. If it’s a party for kids, you can use simple shapes ― circle garlands, circular fans, lanterns. If it’s a bachelorette party, buy pre-made decorations or look up a master class for decorations made of plain and corrugated paper.

As part of the paper decorations, you may also offer paper dolls for each table at the party. Paper dolls are a type of doll that is considered to be the most affordable. For more info on paper dolls and other types of dolls, you can read our article titled “What are the Popular Types of Dolls from Various Eras?

Photo Area

Posing as a model or just a grown-up fashionista is one of the most fun activities for girls at Barbie’s party. And for the photos to be perfect, organize a photo area and prepare accessories (paper sponges, glasses, hats on holders, different lady things, a life-size Ken).

Candy Bar

Of course, the center of attention will be a candy bar in pink hues: cakes, cupcakes, ice cream, scatterings of candies and jelly beans, marshmallows, and anything easy to buy in the right color or make with the addition of coloring. Everything doesn’t have to be pink, but that shade should predominate.


The outfits are a kind of decoration, too. After all, if your guests come dressed in whatever they want, the overall impression of the party will be ruined. Any elegant dresses, fashion accessories, and simple but neat hairstyles fit both adult and kids’ parties. Light makeup in pink shades. You can choose several original (from the manufacturer) images, distribute them among the guests and have a competition for the best Barbie-style costume. But then the preparation will require more time, so invitations must be sent out a couple of weeks before the party.

At the end of the evening, don’t forget gifts for all invited Barbies and Kens ― sweets, toys, coloring books, and fancy stuff, beautifully wrapped in handbags or boxes with the Barbie image.

If you want to know more about the Barbie doll and its manufacturer, Mattel, you can read our article titled “Learn About Mattel the Pop Culture Toy Icon.”