You state the Whopper came out from Burger King in 1970. From what I knew, that couldn’t be accurate



From Fred W – First off, I regularly visit your website, and enjoy it immensely- I adore pop culture trivia, and you are definitely an authority.

You state the Whopper came out from Burger King in 1970. From what I knew, that couldn’t be accurate- I was personally eating them before then. Not too long ago, Burger King did a commercial about the Whopper- where the original Whopper (a father figure) berating the Whopper Jr. (the son) for selling himself for a dollar- and the son coming up with an old ad where the Whopper was selling for 37 cents!

In checking Wikipedia- it indicates that the Whopper came out in 1957 (as did I) and sold for 37 cents!

So, the Whopper was far earlier to the market than the Big Mac, and although I do like the Big Mac, the Whopper is far superior.

Just my two cents

Mr. Pop History – 
Fred – Thanks so much for the kind words. Really appreciate it!

I’m sticking to the February 1970 date for the national BK Whopper introduction. On Wiki, someone copied the info on Burger King’s website, which says, something called a Whopper came out – in 1957.

One of the problems with this kind of information is – that very little can be verified from the 1957 info. It probably wasn’t much of a burger and was available on a limited basis. IOW – it wasn’t anything special.  In fact, most people don’t remember a BK Whopper before 1970. That’s just a fact. In 1969 – Whopper commercials were introduced, but on a regional basis. The most important point – there was no trademark on “Whopper” until 1968. Hmmm…

I do know when the McDonald’s Big Mac was introduced nationally in 1968, BK took out a trademark for the Whopper. This was September of 1968. Burger King knew that – whatever they had – they weren’t doing it right.

It clearly needed a big burger to compete with the Big Mac nationally.  Had they’d been serious, “the Whopper” would have been given the credit earlier – but – McDonald’s gets the credit for rolling out a big burger nationally – first.

And, you can bet BK was testing a version that was much different what was being offered.