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So, you think you know Disney history/trivia? An expert on Disneyland/Disneyworld and subsequent parks?… TV shows – the Disney Channel all the stuff. Here’s something really interesting.

In all of pop culture history – there was no better promoter than Walt Disney himself. He totally understood the power of mass media. Beginning In the 1940′s – Walt Disney movies plus a dash of radio and moving merchandise extended into the new medium of television. He found a willing partner in ABC-Paramount back in 1954. ABC-TV would broadcast a new TV show – one that was a video version of his up-and-coming theme park located in California. “Disneyland” was the name of the show, and name of the park.

Disney History - 1955“Disneyland” the park opened in July of 1955 and September – began season #2 of ABC-TV’s “Disneyland.” And later that year – Disney began using radio as a second media choice. Thought to be dead a few years earlier – radio was catching on again and Walt Disney wasted no time in creating a new radio show – in addition to TV’s “Disneyland.”

The program, “Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom” ran daily on the ABC radio network – around noon time. The first ad stated, “A new kind of morning listening with all the wonderful Disney magic – direct from fabulous Disneyland in California. Listen today where Walt himself will introduce the first show.”

It didn’t last long – but, it’s a fascinating piece of Disney history.

Many years later – Disney would pick up the radio angle… in 1996 with Radio Disney – but its first foray into radio – began in late 1955 and lasted about a year.

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