Talk Radio History – 1966 Saw A Few More Stations & Syndication

History Of Talk Radio – 1966

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1966 was an interesting year for radio. Top-40 AM radio stations were (finally) doing quite well as advertising for teens and young adults was hitting record highs. All-news radio was beginning to take off with the four (then) news stations – WINS, NY; KYW, Philadelphia; XETRA, Tijuana and WNUZ – Chicago.

Another format – talk-radio was getting a lot of attention as stations began adding the format: WBBM – Chicago, WNAC and WEEI in Boston.

WOR, New York and KABC/KLAC Los Angeles had good ratings and newcomer WNBC New York saw some ratings uptick.

Another interesting trend was talk radio syndication with the likes of LA’s Joe Pyne and New York’s Barry Gray being syndicated. These were live shows – taped, so, you couldn’t call in per se. Click pics for larger appearance.

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