Remember the Radio DJ Who Commuted Between Chicago and Dallas To Work On Two Radio Stations Daily?

Mr Pop History – It’s amazing with today’s technology – you can do a radio show from your house. Back in October of 1990 – R&B DJ Tom Joyner celebrated FIVE years commuting between mornings at KKDA-FM (K-104) in Dallas and afternoons at WGCI-FM, Chicago.

At first, it was five days a week, but Joyner, who lived in Texas, began to do his WGCI-FM Chicago show from a sister station in Dallas – twice a week. Joyner, who was nicknamed “Flyjock” – became an expert on commuter travel: “People think my worst time for traveling would be winter, but there are actually more problems in spring and early summer because of the electrical storms that can completely shut down an airport.”

These days, Tom Joyner does a popular syndicated morning show – heard on many stations – from a single location!

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