Eminem Back With Book And Album

Good Ole Marshal Mathers, aka Shady, aka Eminem is back.

Eminem made his first public appearance in two years at the release party for his memoir “The Way I Am” – and his friend 50 Cent tells In Touch Weekly in a report that this is only the beginning of the (once again slim) Slim Shady’s comeback.

Eminem Memoir: Inside Eminem's Comeback (Image: Wenn)
Eminem Memoir: Inside Eminem’s Comeback (Image: Wenn)

“He’s going to push the restart button,” the rapper says of Eminem’s upcoming album, Relapse. “While he was missing to the public, he wasn’t missing to me. When I go to Detroit, I stay at his house. The songs I’ve heard from him are incredible. He is letting Dr. Dre produce pretty much the whole album.

The 36-year-old superstar’s re-emergence comes four years after his last studio album, three years after he was treated for a sleep medication dependency and two years since the violent death of his best friend and the collapse of a second marriage to his childhood sweetheart.

His new track, “I’m Having a Relapse,” has caused a stir on the Web and is fueling talk of a new record and maybe even a tour.

But before Eminem moves forward musically, he first is taking a step back with a memoir out Tuesday that shares quite a few revelations about a man whose autobiographical lyrics have tantalized fans for years.

In “The Way I Am,” the man born Marshall Bruce Mathers III takes readers into his painful childhood and adolescence and inside the studio and beyond as the former Detroit, Michigan, factory floor sweeper and short-order cook enters the rap game and becomes a worldwide hip-hop sensation.

The book is 200-plus pages worth of text, behind-the-scenes photographs and reproductions of Eminem’s original lyric sheets — hotel stationery and other scraps of paper he used to scratch out partial verses of the songs that would make him famous: From “My Name Is” and “Stan” to “Lose Yourself” and “Without Me.”

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