When Did The Rock Group, “The Eagles” Jump The Shark?

Mr. Pop History – This is a band that went through a number of member changes since they began – but “The Eagles” – probably the largest-selling band of the 1970′s, went downhill after their gigantic “Hotel California” album. The album sold 10 million and the title track won a Grammy in 1976. But for main songwriters Don Henley and Glenn Frey – there was just no way they were going to top it. By 1982, the band was gone. Both Henley and Frey went solo with respective albums and that… was that.

What Was A Major Music Trend During The Decade Of The 2000′s? More Pop Culture History. Paul McCartney Video Below.

From Lucia L – Mr. Pop – Other than Rap, Hip-Hop and genre/types of music – what would you say were the more important music trends during last decade?

Mr. Pop History – The first one was the way music was sold – as the model shifted from music stores to the Internet and the likes of iTunes.

Another interesting trend – record labels losing their grip on artists – a sort of defiance by artists. For instance – remember when Paul McCartney left Capitol for Starbucks? The Eagles did a partnership with Wal-Mart? And there were many others.