Pop Culture Radio Music And History – 1960′s Music. A Station Playing The Hits and The Not-So-Hits Of That Era. Labor Day Weekend.

Jackie Kennedy/mrpopculture.comThere’s nothing like an iPod or radio station playing music from the 1960′s. Not just the hits. The 1960′s was full of great pop music. Even the stuff that didn’t make the charts, or was low on the charts – was terrific. A great example of that – is Allan Sniffen’s Rewound Radio. Listen this Labor Day weekend – and you’ll hear the hits mixed with the songs that didn’t quite make it. Let’s face it, radio stations couldn’t play it all. Only one in nine single releases made it to the top-40 charts. Imagine, all that great stuff – the stuff that was supposed to be played. Check out Rewind Radio  now – I recommend it…

Are the Rolling Stones Still (ALL) In Good Health? Pop Culture Music History

Mr. Pop History -

As far as I know… Let’s see – Mick will be 68 this year… same with Keith Richards – both are fine.

Charlie Watts – the group’s eldest statesman (he’ll be 70 this year) once had throat cancer – but is OK.

The youngest member of the Stones is Ronnie Wood. He did stints in rehab for alcohol. That’s about it. Wood will be 64 this year.

MTV’s Early Promotions… Pop. Culture. History.

From Roger L – When MTV came to us in August of 1981, did they go into promotion mode?

Mr. Pop History – They did – about 12 days into their August 1 sign-on. MTV’s first contest was “One Night Stand” with Journey and that was quickly followed by “One Night Stand” with the Rolling Stones. Other contests during MTV’s first year included, “MTV Pac-Man Giavaway,” “MTV House Party” and MTV “Hawaiian Holiday With Devo.”

First Rock Concert On The Internet. Pop. Culture. History.

From Ted Y – What was the first rock concert featured on the Internet and when?

Mr. Pop History – It was the Seattle band: Sky Cries Mary, then the Rolling Stones displayed a Dallas concert over the Internet. Both were in November of 1994, but the Seattle band was first.

A release at the time said you needed a high-end workstation that runs a special program capable if displaying live video from the Internet.

From KH – Mr. Pop – “Sticky Fingers” by the Rolling Stones had two milestones. What were they?

Mr. Pop History – As we go back to May of 1971 – I believe they were:

1) It was the first Rolling Stones release on their very own label – Rolling Stone (distributed by Atco).

2) The cover was designed by pop art guru Andy Warhol and contained a real zipper. sticky fingers