Movie History – Robert Downey Jr’s Incredible Comeback

robert downey jr photo 1985

Downey  Was Once “Written Off” As Someone Who Couldn’t Control His Personal Cocaine Demons

Robert Downey Jr. came to the mainstream public conscious during the 1980′s in such movies as, “Weird Science” and  ”Chances Are.” A versatile actor, Downey was known as much for his TV work, including a run on, “Saturday Night Live” during the mid-1980′s and later, “Ally McBeal” among other TV projects. He seemed to have a likable quality with audiences and critics usually favored his movie work.

Weird Science From 1985

Downey in fact, has been nominated for several Emmy and Academy Awards. He’s also a singer/songwriter having released an album in 2004 titled, “The Futurist” and is  a Golden  Globe winner.

Robert Downey Jr. hit bottom after 1996 with arrest after arrest – all due to a cocaine habit he couldn’t break. Jailed, and almost given time for prison, Downey hit rock-bottom when he was fired from “Ally McBeal” in 1997 and subsequent arrests and just plain poor judgement. He was rarely out of the news during this period and most believed – it was the end for Downey. Not a bad singer, here’s Downey during his cocaine years, singing on “Ally McBeal” – in key, with Sting’s “Every Breath You Take”

Downey Sings on “Ally McBeal” In 1996

Robert Downey Jr’s real comeback movie – was 2008′s “Iron Man” – his first career blockbuster/mega movie. It was then – as Hollywood bloggers, writers and Downey fans will tell you – that the actor was back – and bigger than ever. It was great news – especially after seeing him self-destruct and just doing, plain, stupid things. From there – his career took-off as never before. Critics and fans alike gave the movies  a thumps-up. Could it happen again? Did he need another Iron Man? Interestingly – everyone knew there would be another (begin franchise) – but before that follow-up – Downey starred in 2009′s “Sherlock Holmes” – and proved he was on a genuine career roll (or role).

Robert Downey Jr. Arrives With year 2009′s “Sherlock Holmes”

“Iron Man 2″ quickly followed in 2010. Then in 2012, something quite interesting happened. A franchise within a franchise – as Robert Downey Jr. became an Avenger (The Avengers), under his Ironman character and it too, became blockbuster. Following year in 2013 – “Iron Man 3″ is out – yes, another blockbuster and – this is actually given good reviews by fans and critics. “The Avengers 2″ is being planned for 2015.

No one has ever achieved such rapid, quick success with two sets of franchises (one a subset of the other) and, so quickly. Downey just signed a huge movie deal with “Avengers” producers. And that’s great news.

Robert Downey Jr. was born on August 4, 1965. Click Here To Find Out What The World Was Like Then.  

robert downey jr in 2013 photo