Music Popularity – The Biggest Trend? Music Pop Culture Trivia.

From SP – Mr. Pop History – What would you say is the biggest trend in determining how music sales are calculated or determined?

Mr. Pop History – SoundScan turned the music industry on its ear back in 1991. All of a sudden, you couldn’t hype music charts – something that always prevailed in the business. SoundScan uses a computerized system that registers a sale every time an album is passed through the bar code scanner. The first thing it discovered? Less mainstream acts actually sold more music than previously reported. Those acts included N.W.A. and Garth Brooks. Did SoundScan propel Rap Music? Probably – especially early on.

The record industry at first, hated SoundScan. They had to change the way they did business – in many ways. The two people behind SoundScan are Mike Shalette and Mike Finn.

What Was A Major Music Trend During The Decade Of The 2000′s? More Pop Culture History. Paul McCartney Video Below.

From Lucia L – Mr. Pop – Other than Rap, Hip-Hop and genre/types of music – what would you say were the more important music trends during last decade?

Mr. Pop History – The first one was the way music was sold – as the model shifted from music stores to the Internet and the likes of iTunes.

Another interesting trend – record labels losing their grip on artists – a sort of defiance by artists. For instance – remember when Paul McCartney left Capitol for Starbucks? The Eagles did a partnership with Wal-Mart? And there were many others.

Pop Culture History – Week-By-Week

From Tosha K – Hello Mr. Pop. I’m writing a summer class essay on music. It seems different genres of music are tied to a particular city. Cleveland for rock: various Southern cities for Soul. Can you please tell me – is there one for Rap?

Mr. Pop History – There’s no doubt, Atlanta Georgia. It’s an epicenter for young Hip-Hop/Rap artists and has an area almost dedicated to Hip-Hop/Rap outlets. Lots of Rap and many recording deals have been made in Atlanta.