Pop Culture Television History. Unknown Fact About “Lassie” The Dog.

Mr. Pop History – My friend Robert Neill got into a discussion with actor Jon Provost. Many remember Jon as the first TV “master” of Lassie.

Well, it seemed that when the camera was off, Lassie’s trainer would have his dog fetch “cigarettes” from as far as a quarter-mile away. Here’s what Robert told me. Thanks Robert Neill:

“The most interesting anecdote, IMO, concerned Lassie’s trainer.  Jon said when he was a youngster, he was out at the Weatherwax ranch with Lassie and the trainer.  The trainer wanted to smoke, but discovered he’d run out of cigarettes.  He instructed Lassie to go back to the house and get some for him.  Jon said the house was a quarter mile away and he was skeptical, but Lassie ran to the house and brought back a pack of cigarettes.”

Lassie fetching cigarettes for his master.

If we only knew.

Both Robert and I agree, it would have made a terrific scene in one of the many Jon Provost/Lassie episodes seen on CBS-TV – way back when. Thanks Jon Provost!

Oh, and – here’s Jon Provost and Lassie:


Gary West – mrpopculture.com  




Pop Culture TV History. First Fishing Show – Gadabout Gaddis.

Mr. Pop History – Back in the 1960′s, there was a simple weekend show starring somebody called “Gadabout Gaddis.”

Each week, easygoing Gaddis would board his Cherokee plane – off to another special fishing spot. The show was unique. It was of course, shot on location, but all the audio was added later with Gaddis doing the narration. It was the first-ever fishing show – and lasted for years. Gadabout was seen in most of the United States via syndication.

Lots of people, especially kids of the 1960′s remember this show fondly. Gadabout left us in 1986, but his catchy name and show are not easily forgotten.