Pop Culture Birthday History… Happy Birthday To Nicole S. She’s 11 On March 6. Send Your Birthday Solute Here.

Mr. Pop History – Happy Birthday To Nicole S. from mom, dad and sister Anna. By request, here’s the week she was born. Eleven years ago. From mrpopculture.com: The Week of March 1, 2000:

Technology – Playstation 2 goes on sale in Japan – and is being billedas a powerful new kind of video game player.

DoubleClick – the Internets largest advertising company- says it has reversed a decision to link people’s names and addresses to their surfing habits.

Tina Turner’s Twenty Four Seven World Tour 2000.

Sean Puffy Combs pleads not guilty in new York to charges he attempted tobribe his driver into taking the rap for his illegal gun possession incident.

Engaged – Vince Gill to Amy Grant.Television news -Charles Barkley will become a regular NBA studio analyst for TNT and TBS next season.

The Disney Channel launches a 2 Hour Tour, where a top young pop act visits a different part of the county to audition three local wannabeâs. In the first episode – that pop act is Christian Aguilera.

At the movies -The Whole Nine Yards
The Next Best Thing
Drowning Mona
Pitch Black
Snow Day
American Beauty
Wonder Boys
Reindeer Games
The Cider House Rules
My Dog Skip

Odd Music Industry News From April 1976. Pop Culture Music History.

Mr. Pop History – Love this. OK music fans – can you dig it? From April 1976:

David Geffen will teach a UCLA weekly seminar on entertainment business… Rodney Bigenheimer reportedly got fired as DJ Gino’s Hollywood disco for playing too much of the new Bo Donaldson & The Heywoods LP instead of hustles and bumps… David Bowie will star on the King Biscuit Hour’s Fourth anniversary radio show, April 25… The Staple Singers kick of the new Casino Concert season at the Steel Pier in Atlantic City… Richard and Karen Carpenter gave their long-time engineer, Ray Gerhardt, a ’76 Jaguar XJ-S… Wolfman Jack with Flash Cadillac & The Continental Kids joining for a summer tour package in state fairs and amusement parks…

Gary West – mrpopculture.com

What Animal Has Never Died Of Old Age? Pop. Culture. History.

From Tad J – Mr. Pop – What animal – a well-known animal, is known to have never died of old age? Quiz.

Mr. Pop History – I know of two – Crocodiles and Alligators. They die of disease and such – but there is no documentation of them dying of old age. In fact, these creatures are as alive and vital at age 7 as they are at age 70. Pretty amazing.