Pop Culture TV, NFL & CBS History. Bad, Awful Coverage of Raiders Vs Buffalo Today, September 18.

Mr. Pop Culture – If you were watching the Raiders and the Bills today, you saw a great game. Particularly in the fourth quarter. A minute left in the game, and you thought the Oakland Raiders had it  35-31. But wait. Now Buffalo has the ball. They keep driving and driving. Even getting a first down at 4 and 3. WOW! All of a sudden, they’re inside the Raider’s 30 yard line, and because of “NFL contract obligations” they shut the game off!!!!

Shut if off!! Mind you, it’s 35-31 - Buffalo is losing – but, they could win this in the 35 seconds or so. So, CBS shuts off the game, goes to local commercials – and up pops another game – San Diego at New England. We learn – about 10 minutes later, Buffalo DID INDEED – win the game!!!!

Holy uncool!!! BAD, BAD policy. Why even bother??? Shame on the NFL and CBS.

The audience lost.  

Gary West –