I just heard that Neil McIntyre passed away September 11. I can’t find his obit anywhere.

Radio Programmer Neil McIntyre During The 1970's

Radio Programmer Neil McIntyre During The 1970′s

From Christy – I hope you can help me. I just heard that Neil McIntyre passed away September 11. I can’t find his obit anywhere. Do you know more about his life?  I was an old friend from the 1960′s at 1010 WINS NY: a teenager trying to break into rock. We would practice with my girl group at WINS. Murray the K’s friend was our manager. We kept rehearsing so that we could meet Phil Spector but we never perfected ourselves to that degree… circa 1964.

Mr. Pop History – Radio programmer Neil McIntyre was indeed at 1010 WINS in 1964 during their last gasp at top-40 and WINS sounded great that year with DJ’s such as Ed Hider, Jack Lacy, Johnny Holiday and Murray the K. The problem was, WINS had WMCA and WABC breathing down their backs and there just wasn’t room for 3 top-40 stations. McIntyre had come from WHK Cleveland and brought WHK DJ Johnny Holiday with him to New York. WINS decided to go full-blast top-40 (again) and hired him during the fall of 1963. WINS scooped the world after all the Beatles came to New York in February, 1964, when John, Paul George and Ringo gave WINS all kinds of promos: “This is Paul McCartney and You’re Listening to 1010 WINS.”  (Ringo and John Lennon did the same for WMCA).

1964 was such a great year to be in top-40 radio with the British invasion of the Beatles, Stones, Kinks and so many others. Murray the K’s exclusive Beatle interviews were tops. WINS and WMCA tried to scoop each other with “firsts” in New York and it made for exciting radio. It was music competition at its best. The WINS sound in 1964 was exciting and highly produced. If a record was in the WINS top-10, it was in the “WINS Winners Circle.” You gotta love it.

Group W transferred McIntyre to KDKA  Pittsburgh in 1965 after the WINS all-news change. Later, Neil McIntyre programmed WPIX-FM (New York) during the early and mid-1970’s and was it my favorite choice for top-40. Like WINS, the station was loaded with personality DJ”s like Dennis Quinn, Les Marshak, Alex Hayes, Ted David and Jerry Carrol.

He was 68 and passed away from cancer. I’m told McIntyre was one of the nicest in the business. I’ve sent you his obit and thanks for a great e-mail.

Last Game Is Played At Yankee Stadium

After 85 years, the final game was played at Babe Ruth’s house in the Bronx (September 21). Next year, the Yankees will play at their new stadium just across the street.

The gates were opened seven hours before game time at “The House That Ruth Built” — so named for home run legend Babe Ruth — to accommodate fans who reminisced about great moments from the stadium’s history.
The team will play next season in a new Yankee Stadium nearing completion across the street from the current one, which was gutted and rebuilt after the 1973 season.
The Yankees won 25 of their 26 World Series championships while playing at the stadium, which has also hosted three Popes, great boxing matches, a classic American football championship and a rally for Nelson Mandela shortly after his release from prison.
“This place has been part of our history. Not just baseball but our country,” Yankee manager Joe Girardi said before the game.
“There’s something about this building that is special to all of us,” Girardi said, adding that he took an early walk on the field today and was “just kind of soaking it in.”
Fans were given a chance to walk the perimeter of the field and visit the shrines to past Yankee greats in Monument Park.
Some struck mock home run-robbing poses in the outfield where Ruth, Joe DiMaggio and Mickey Mantle once roamed and security guards offered constant warnings against attempts to take any dirt or grass as souvenirs.
Reuters and Mr. Pop Culture
Picture – Babe Ruth At Yankee Stadium