Timeline-Dateline 1994 – Pop Culture History – Who Was The First Internet Retailer/Store?

Trivia-Amazon Was Not The First Internet Retailer.


From Jeff H – Mr. Pop – who was the first on-line retailer? Was it Amazon?

Mr. Pop History – The concept was there before Amazon. Take a look at this from 1994:

history timeline - 1994-Amazon not first internet store-pop-interesting-factsComputer news From This Week In 1994 – a group of companies from the Silicon Valley say they are bringing a sort-of home shopping network to millions of users on the worldwide computer network known as the Internet. Called CommerceNet – it allow users to buy computers, scan catalogs and bid on contracts. Said Project Manager Steve Harari – “We’re not sure how it’s going to evolve. It could include everything from pizza parlors to real estate.” The company is backed by $12 million in seed money from the government and such Silicon Valley companies such as Apple, Sun Microsystems Inc, Lockheed Corp and Bank of America. The Internet now attracts 20 million users. It is envisioned that consumers will shop for thousands of products at home or the office by scanning huge databases with a computer. 50 to 100 companies are expected to back the service by the end of 1994. Companies offering services on CommerceNet will pay $25,000 a year for a high-level membership, but lower-priced memberships are expected.

Pop Culture Television History. Unknown Fact About “Lassie” The Dog.

Mr. Pop History – My friend Robert Neill got into a discussion with actor Jon Provost. Many remember Jon as the first TV “master” of Lassie.

Well, it seemed that when the camera was off, Lassie’s trainer would have his dog fetch “cigarettes” from as far as a quarter-mile away. Here’s what Robert told me. Thanks Robert Neill:

“The most interesting anecdote, IMO, concerned Lassie’s trainer.  Jon said when he was a youngster, he was out at the Weatherwax ranch with Lassie and the trainer.  The trainer wanted to smoke, but discovered he’d run out of cigarettes.  He instructed Lassie to go back to the house and get some for him.  Jon said the house was a quarter mile away and he was skeptical, but Lassie ran to the house and brought back a pack of cigarettes.”

Lassie fetching cigarettes for his master.

If we only knew.

Both Robert and I agree, it would have made a terrific scene in one of the many Jon Provost/Lassie episodes seen on CBS-TV – way back when. Thanks Jon Provost!

Oh, and – here’s Jon Provost and Lassie:


Gary West – mrpopculture.com  




Pop Culture Disaster History… From 1952 – 12,000 Lives Taken.

Mr. Pop History – From the Mr. Pop Week Of December 1, 1952… London was invaded by a thick polluted fog between Dec. 3 and Dec. 7. So thick, many couldn’t see their shoes. The initial death count was 4000 – but further studies say that eventually passed to 12,000 lost lives.

The fog turned out to be a mix of sulphur dioxide and coal smoke – along with common auto and industrial pollutants. The catalyst was stagnant air caused by a cold front.

Exactly 10 years later – another deadly London Fog – this one claimed 136 lives.

Something to think about next time you put on that London Fog coat.

Last Time The Marx Brothers (Groucho, Harpo Chico) Performed Together.

Mr. Pop History – Their last film was 1949′s “”Love Happy.” Groucho went into TV and “You Bet Your Life.” and Chico did some TV and live dates. Harpo was guest starring on shows such as “I Love Lucy.”

But, they did get together one more time. It was 1959 on CBS-TV’s GE Theater and “The Incredible Jewel Robbery.” Harpo was a bad guy, Chico was a cop and Grouch is seen at the end, a cameo in a police line-up.

Pop Culture Radio History – Radio Listening Is Up. Pop Culture History Trend.

The radio industry just loves it – with all the doomsday reporting of “the battle” for media – radio always gets the raw deal. New numbers say that radio listening is in an uptrend. Here’s some of that reporting:

Arbitron released highlights from its RADAR 109 National Radio Listening Report and it says radio’s continued strength with a year over year increase of about 1.9 million weekly listeners ages twelve and older. The number of Persons twelve and older listening to radio each week now reaches an estimated 241.5 million, representing 93.1% of all persons twelve and older.

As compared to the June 2010 report, the number of radio listeners increased across all major demographics, with Adults 18-34 showing the biggest gains, adding nearly 350,000 weekly listeners in the age group in the past year. There are now nearly 66.5 million Adults 18-34 listening to radio each week, or 93.6% of all members of this demographic. The number of Teens 12-17 listening to radio also continues to rise, increasing 158,000 listeners versus June 2010, reaching more than 22.8 million weekly listeners or 92%.

According to RADAR 109, radio continues to reach more than 93% of Black (non-Hispanic) Persons 12 and older and more than 95% of Hispanics aged 12 and older on a weekly basis, or 29.8 million and 36.5 million respectively. Hispanic listeners 12 years rose by 1.1 million listeners compared to the June 2010 report. Hispanics 18-49 increased sharply in the last year, adding close to 600,000 weekly listeners since June, 2010.

In picture – reach-out to Susan Jacks – who is still performing up in Canada and a mr pop friend.

Gary West @ mrpopculture.com

When Did Justin Timberlake Strike Out On His Own? Pop Music Trivia.

… And stepping out of his group “‘N Sync?”

Mr. Pop History – He tried it solo the week of August 15, 2002. Check this out:

“Justin Timberlake of ‘N Sync will give his first solo performance. Look for him at the 2002 MTV Video Music Awards next week.”


Top Pop Culture Stories – February 24… Mr. Pop Culture Report

Bryant Is Back - Kobe Bryant returned to lineup after missing five games with an ankle injury and made a 3-pointer with 4.3 seconds left to lift the LA Lakers to 99-98 victory over the Memphis Grizzlies. Bryant led the Lakers with 32 points, including his team’s final nine points. His 3-pointer with 54 seconds left tied the game at 96-all. His game-winner came off an inbounds play 4 seconds after his layup attempt was blocked by Rudy Gay. (Fox)

Sex and the New Scent – “Sex and The City” fans can finally smell like Carrie Bradshaw! Sarah Jessica Parker debuts a new scent, SJP NYC, based on her beloved character. “I like the idea of creating a fragrance of everyone. I thought a lot about the idea of like when Carrie Bradshaw walks down a street,” said Ms. Parker.

De-Ready DeGeneres – Ellen DeGeneres gets a first taste of judging on a live “American Idol”  Tuesday night as the Top 12 girls got their first chance to compete for the public vote. Ellen and Simon served as bookends on the judges’ table, with Randy and Kara at center. Making a play on Cowell’s remarks about them not getting along – Ms. Degeneres remarked that “We had a little problem and I felt like it’s safer over here,” of her seat next to Randy. “The problem is, Simon wants me and he’s got a thing for me and I get it Simon. I get it, and it’s not going to happen.”

Fool’s Gold At the Winter Games – A bad call by his coach costs (Dutch) Sven Kramer a gold medal in speed skating. Far ahead of the crowd, he stopped to talk to his coach, but was sent back – in the wrong position – to the inner instead of the outer track – and was disqualified!! OOOCH!! (see video).

Mr. Pop Archives – This Week In 1996…

Television news – Temperamental Roseanne Arnold dumps three of her show’s writers for helping her ex – Tom on his upcoming movie.

“The Late Shift” – an HBO movie about the battle between Jay Leno and Dave Letterman – drew 2.3 million homes – airing on Saturday night this week. (

After four years – “Picket Fences” will end production, although CBS has not officially canceled the series. “Nash Bridges” starring Don Johnson will air in the spot vacated by Picket Fences on Friday night beginning March 29.

On Saturday Night Live this week – Elle Macpherson hosts with musical guest Sting.

From Dan C – Jessica Simpson once pulled out of a show because she kept flubbing the words to a song. Is that correct?

Mr. Pop History – When The Kennedy Center Honors were paying tribute to Dolly Parton, Jessica Simpson flubbed the words to Parton’s “9 to 5.” She became so flustered, she fled the stage. She was given a second chance at the song by producers – but no go. This was in 2006.Jessica

From Lee N – Who was the only band ever thrown off the “Tonight” show?

Mr. Pop History – This one’s easy. It was the Australian band “The Vine” back in December of 2002. Why you ask? From the Mr. Pop archives:

Rowdy Australian band – “The Vines” are jettisoned from the Jay Leno “Tonight” Show after lead singer Craig Nichols began trashing the group’s equipment during a sound check, just before the show’s taping. He went into a tantrum – throwing around things – and then they were asked to leave.


From KH – Mr. Pop – “Sticky Fingers” by the Rolling Stones had two milestones. What were they?

Mr. Pop History – As we go back to May of 1971 – I believe they were:

1) It was the first Rolling Stones release on their very own label – Rolling Stone (distributed by Atco).

2) The cover was designed by pop art guru Andy Warhol and contained a real zipper. sticky fingers