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When you look at the recent top-20 overall ratings, neither NBC or FOX placed a regular show in the top-20. That’s pretty bad. What’s old is new again – CBS. Yes – CBS – the network that dominated TV broadcasting (NBC was very close) for television’s first two decades. They sure took a hit in the 1990′s and into the 2000′s – but – look at this! They dominate prime-time these days:


NFL Football: Philadelphia at N.Y. Giants NBC




Dancing With the Stars ABC


Sunday Night NFL Pre-Kick NBC


NCIS: Los Angeles CBS


Dancing With the Stars Results ABC


The Big Bang Theory CBS


Two and a Half Men CBS


60 Minutes CBS


Modern Family ABC


Criminal Minds CBS


Blue Bloods CBS


20/20″ (Monday) ABC


The Mentalist CBS


Mike & Molly CBS


American Music Awards ABC


2 Broke Girls CBS


Hawaii Five-0 CBS


Person of Interest CBS


Survivor: South Pacific CBS

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Ask Mr. Pop History – From David M. Mr. Pop – where do you see radio and television, as we know them now – in say 10 years?

Mr. Pop – I see the most popular radio and television programs going to the app mode. Just click an app and you’ll get your favorite program. The challenge tomorrow will be to get the message out. It’s easier with fewer outlets – such as what we have now. The Internet has no limits – so – it’s going to be a challenge to launch new programs – and, to get the word out.

I see AM radio going away. Each year, it’s becoming more insignificant. In 10 years – It’ll be a complete has-been.

TV stations – they’ll still be here, but I believe they’ll be secondary to what’s on the Net. New shows will be distributed the same way – and advertising sold through current station relationships and networks – just that delivery/distribution will be on the Net. Mr Pop Culture Icon Smaller

Hot Pop – Saturday March 6… Mr. Pop Culture Report

Swift Scorn – Country’s Taylor Swift has warned ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas to expect more songs about their failed romance — because the heartbreak has provided her with “albums” full of material. The “You Belong With Me” hitmaker, 20, dated the Jonas Brothers singer for several months in 2008 — but she was left devastated when he dumped her in a 27-second phone call. Swift poured out her emotions in her song “Forever & Always” and went on national TV in the U.S. in November that year to publicly chastise her ex — but she insists she’s not quite done targeting Jonas just yet.

Videos A Go - The band “OK Go” is more famous for their videos than their songs or music sales. When these guys put out a video, you can be sure it’ll make your jaw drop at least once or twice. “How did they do that,” is a typical reaction. Check out OK Go’s “” and “.” Why? They do the videos once!  Are these guys crazy?? (Yahoo)

These Cats Are Fed-Up - The Pussycat Dolls has finally broken up, as Kimberly Wyatt told Great Britain’s The Daily Mirror. “The girls and I have just finished our huge world tour and are taking a break from the band and doing our own thing. We’re all concentrating on our own projects and deciding what the future will hold.” No one in the group got along with lead Nicole Scheringer!

Taking A Bite From Knight - The government wants want over $6 mil from former rap mogul Suge Knight. According to court docs, a tax lien originally filed in 2003 — against Suge’s 1996 tax return — was re-filed again in January to the tune of $6,578,696.31. (TMZ)

Mr. Pop Archives – This Week In 1994…

The Bosnian government and Croatian separatists – two of the parties in the three-sided war – sign a peace agreement to form a federated state. The U.S- brokered deal hopes that will put pressure on Serbs to reach a settlement.

Hugh Rodham – brother of the First Lady – is making a run for the senate in Florida. He’s trying to unseat Republican Connie Mack.

Passing – In Mexico -  Comedic actor John Candy (43). Candy was stricken with a heart attack during his sleep and was found dead in his trailer.  The production of “Wagons East,” in which Candy was playing the drunken wagon master of an 1860’s prairie schooner heading the wrong way, was suspended.  He most recently completed the Fox television movie comedy, “Hostage for a Day,” his directorial debut.

Overdose – Kurt Cobain, lead singer for Nirvana, is rushed to a hospital in Rome after collapsing into a drug-induced coma.

Hot Hits This Week In 1994 –

The Power of Love – Celine Dion

Whatta Man – Salt-N-Pepa

So Much in Love – All-4-One

The Sign – Ace of Base

Cantaloop – Us3

Bump “n” Grind – R. Kelly

Gin and Juice – Snoop Doggy Dogg

Hey DJ – Lighter Shade of Brown

Mmmm Mmmm… Crash Test Dummies

You Know How We Do It – Ice Cube

From Karie L – Mr. Pop – Madonna once pulled a whopper. She was ticked off at people downloading music, so she leaked fake tracks?

Mr. Pop History – It’s a great story from 2003 and shows just how the Internet and the music world can collide.

Fed up – the singer featured tape loops with a profane admonishment to people trying to download cuts from her new “American Life” album. They thought they were getting real songs. That ticked off someone – because her website got hacked with a not-so-kind message scrawled across the front page. Another website – featuring amateur types – took her raw tracks and made dummy Madonna recordings. Thanks mrpopculture.com

From Diane U – Mr. Pop – When was President Bill Clinton impeached? It wasn’t for long – was it?

Mr. Pop History – President Clinton was the only President to be impeached. It’s true. The House voted to impeach Clinton in December 1998 on two articles of perjury and obstruction of justice in connection with his affair with White House intern Monica S. Lewinsky. Two months later – in February, the senate voted to acquit him. Bill Clinton impeached

From Olivia J – Mr. Pop – Can you give me a little background on a TV show called “Sabado Gigante” and that guy who’s on it. I don’t speak Spanish, but it looks interesting.

Mr. Pop History – It’s a unique show – in that – it has been on the air since 1962. The man’s name is Mario Kreutzberger, but everyone knows him as Don Francisco. The original show launched in 1962 in Santiago Chile on Sunday and was originally titled “Omnibus.” After a short time, it moved to Saturdays and the name (Giant Saturday)“Sabado Gigante.” It originally was an 8-hour show. “Sabado” was first broadcast in this country on Univision – back in 1986 and there it remains. It’s as popular as ever Don Francisco