Pop Culture Radio Ratings – Limbaugh And Hannity Down Considerably

Radio ratings – Rush and Hannity’s National Numbers slip by almost 1/3rd!

Radio News –
The just-released Arbitron report – the radio ratings company, indicates that Rush and Hannity are down almost 1/3 their audiences. With a lull in ratings since November, Rush Limbaugh had a 3.0 share of listeners for his radio time slot, which is a 33% slide from October and from last April. Sean Hannity’s national talkshow was reported to be down 28% from its peak numbers in the fall.
www.mrpophistory.com mrpopculture.com rush limbaugh eib networkPremiere Radio syndicates both shows – and – they are downplaying the report. Inside, they’re panicking because, the number represents millions of listeners. And, lot’s of advertising money just went away. If the trend continues, it won’t bode well with the talkradio format – which today, is an AM radio province.
It will be interesting to see if other national talking heads are also down. Folks such as Mike Gallagher and Michael Savage.
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