First TV Show To Use “Shaking” Shoulder Camera. Pop Culture Television History.

I’m not the biggest fan of the way TV and movies are primarily shot these days. There’s way too much jiggling of the camera – up, down and sideways. That’s because, thanks to MTV – it seems our attention span is much less. So, when we see a simple shot like standing in one place,talking – we see the camera jerking – left – right, right-left, up-down, sideways – you name it. YIKESSS!!!

And, it’s everywhere now. TV, movies, commercials. Separately – another trend – I especially “love” the sideshot of somebody talking into another camera.
That’s another great effect – to keep our attention. You know what it really is? Fill. Just fill. A boring commercial or interview – but it needs this.

My-my what has it all come to.

Back to the subject – the first TV show to use this type of jiggling shoulder-camera effect (thank goodness it quickly went away) was the 1970′s ABC-TV series “Kolchak The Night Stalker” starring Darren McGavin. Yes, the 1970′s – way before MTV. But, on Kolchak, it was used for effect – not because its audience needed a constant moving camera to keep their attention.

Gary West –  Thank you Robert Neill.

Vampire TV History… TV Trivia – There Would Be No “Buffy” Without “Night Stalker.”

Mr. Pop History -
That’s true. Back in the late 1990′s, Jamie Kellner – who headed the fledgling “WB” – wanted another “Night Stalker.” For those who don’t know, ABC-TV aired it as a movie of the week – and it was so popular, it went into quick production as a regular TV series. This was back in 1972. Starring Darren McGavin, it was about a down-on-his-luck newspaper reporter Carl Kolchak, who stumbles upon the story of his career: a vampire named Janos Skorzeny who was terrorizing Las Vegas by sucking the blood out of his victims.

Kellner got his wish – a week later, when, by coincidence, “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” was pitched to the network.