Collectables – Nice To Know Info About Selling Old Media Such As Records, CD’s.

Mr. Pop History – Got a nice e-mail some some friends over in England. They’re getting ready for the BRIT awards 2011. Some great information – and the Beatles are still on top:

Something for the Fans Guide to Priceless Pop Memorabilia
Compiled by David Hepworth

1. The Beatles are more collectable than any other act before or since.
Everyone else had better get used to it. It doesn’t matter how many records an artist has sold; an association with the Fabs imbues any item of memorabilia with magic powers and trumps all the competition. Over the years auctions have offered everything from the white piano at which John Lennon sat to play “Imagine” to the old lavatory seat on which he sat at his house in Ascot.

2. If it’s in a famous picture or video it’s worth twice as much.
Half a million pounds was recently paid for the drum head from the Beatles’ iconic Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club album cover. Collectors like to be able to put their treasures on display next to a picture and say, “look, there it is”. The same trend goes for costumes that artists wore in certain music videos such as the Dolce and Gabbana bra that Madonna wore on “The Girlie Tour” which sold for $24,000. That was nothing compared to Michael Jackson’s single jewelled glove, which fetched $300,000 last year. And that was after his death…..

3. It helps if the artist is dead.
It’s small comfort for the deceased but the fact is that Elvis outsells Cliff Richard, Lennon beats McCartney, Jimi Hendrix outranks Eric Clapton and Kurt Cobain trounces Noel Gallagher when it comes to the value of their associated memorabilia. When an artist is dead they are clearly not going to flood the market with sub-standard product. Although their relatives might.

4. Digital has killed the collectable record.
Nobody wants an autographed CD but everybody wants an autographed LP. The former appears worth less than it is and the latter appears worth more which is what some may call “materiality”. Now that CDs are being replaced by downloads, music fans no longer have an object of any kind to fondle. This means that all the truly rare records have already been made. They’re out there right now and they’re only going to get rarer and pricier.

5. Video has killed the autograph hunter.
The autograph is going the same way as handwriting – in ten years it will be extinct. Even if a fan
wanted somebody’s autograph, these days the likelihood is they have neither pen nor piece of paper at
hand. Instead there is the mobile phone; the all-purpose recorder of experiences, ready to capture the
moment in flash, in audio, in video… Will they still have it in ten years time? Probably not.

6. Collectability is the true measure of charisma.
Some acts are simply more collectible than others. It’s not to do with how many tickets they sell or how many awards they get, it’s far more deep rooted than that. It’s to do with a special sort of charisma. Queen, Oasis and the Smiths attract more interest from collectors than Take That, The Police or U2, for instance. Where there is mystique, sibling rivalry, scandal, early death or the prospect of a good falling-out there is money to be made in the collectors market.

7. Everything is memorabilia in online auction houses.
Auction houses are renowned for their collection of collectables, whether it be one of Jimmy Page’s guitars or some handwritten David Bowie lyrics. But crucially they also offer a certificate of authentication. On the other hand, if you desire a piece of chewing gum allegedly chewed by Britney Spears (retrieved from a bin by a security man who saw her dispose of it backstage) then the world wide web and its various online marketplaces is the place to go. It was claimed recently that said chewable item was sold for $14,000… although no one has seen the receipt.

8. Memorabilia is a waiting game.
Hold onto the item of clothing that you recently bid for, even if it is from a ‘small-time’ artist right now. History shows that we won’t really know for twenty years or more until 2030 has decided whether it’s really interested in that artist or not.

9. You can’t invent memorabilia.
All attempts by merchandising companies, museums or dead rock stars’ estates to invent instant souvenirs – such as the officially licensed “All Shook Up” collection of Elvis Presley wines (glass of Blue Suede Chardonnay, anyone?) – are as tacky as those Royal Wedding plates on the back of the colour supplement – and about as appealing.

10. The best memorabilia is your memorabilia.
The best memorabilia has little value to anyone but the holder. Autographs, photographs and memories; if you’ve got something that means something to you, never let it go. To you, it’s Priceless.

Mr. Pop Culture Report – December 9… Will Chrome Be Gold For Google?… Mr. Pop Reports The Assassination of John Lennon…

The first laptops powered by Google Inc’s Chrome operating system will reach store shelves months later than expected and miss the holiday shopping season as the Internet company fixes software issues. The Web-centric computers, intended as an incursion into territory dominated for years by Microsoft Corp and Apple Inc, will ship around the middle of 2011.

Mr. Pop chronicles John Lennon’s death... Let’s go back to the week of December 8, 1980… Hard to believe John Lennon’s been gone 30 years:

Beatle  John Lennon is slain in front of the Dakota apartment building he and Yoko called home. The suspect is Mark David Chapman, who was photographed getting an autograph from John Lennon by Paul Goresh, who talked to Chapman earlierin the evening. He said a guy named Mark, spoke with a Southern accent and said he was from Hawaii by way of Atlanta. “He said he spent the last three days trying to see Lennon and get an autograph on Lennon‟s new album.” When Lennon and his wife emerged from the building, mark approached with the album said Goresh. “He timidly held it in front of him. Lennon took it and signed “‟John Lennon‟ across the cover.”
Police say Lennon and his wife arrived at 10:50pm in a limousine from a recording studio and had just stepped out of the car when the gunman approached them. “Mr. Lennon” the man said, drawing a .38 caliber handgun from under his coat. Chapman then opened fire without waiting for an answer. Lennon was struck in the chest, back and
shoulder and staggered from the sidewalk into a small vestibule of the apartment used by the doorman. “Do you
know what you just did?” said the doorman to Chapman? “I just shot john Lennon,” the gunman responded throwing down his gun. The first policeman arrived and made the decision to take Lennon directly to the hospital without
waiting for an ambulance. Lennon was rushed to Roosevelt Hospital, less than a mile away. Doctors pronounced him dead at the hospital.
Next day – Ringo Starr and his wife Barbara Bach slipped into the Dakota building to see Yoko. They broke off a vacation to fly into the United States after hearing of the murder. Paul McCartney – quoted leaving his Sussex, England farmhouse after learning of Lennon‟s murder – “I can‟t take it at the moment. He is going to be missed by the whole world.”
In New York, President-elect Ronald Reagan, asked about the Lennon shooting said “we have to find an answer” to violence in the nation‟s streets, but that handgun control legislation is not the answer. Asked if there is any solution to such killings, Reagan said, “Well if there is, it should be done, but I think the overall picture of violence in our streets has to be treated.” He called the murder of John Lennon “a great tragedy… just further evidence of something we‟ve got to stop.”
Despite the murder of her husband, Yoko Ono still believes in the philosophy of peace: This is not a time for hate or disillusionment.” She said of the even – “it was so sudden… so sudden. We had planned to go out to eat after leaving the recording studio but we decided to go straight home instead. We were talking to the entrance of the building when I heard the shot. I didn’t realize at first John had been hit. He kept walking, then he fell and I saw the blood.”
Continued Yoko Ono - “The future is still ours to make. The 80‟s will blossom if only people accept peace and love in their hearts. It would just ad to the tragedy if people turned away from the message in John‟s music.”
John Lennon is cremated and his ashes are privately unturned sources close to Lennon‟s family said the action was taken to avoid any of the mass public adulation that has marked the grave of Elvis Presley in Memphis.
Yoko Ono says she has explained the killing to their 5-year-old son Sean: “I told Sean what happened. I showed him the picture of his father on the cover of the paper and explained the situation.” “I took Sean to the spot where John lay after he was shot. Sean wanted to know why the person shot John if he liked John. I explained the he was probably a confused person.‟
The lawyer for Mark David Chapman is replaced after he reportedly received death threats an after he told the court the defense had become „an albatross” in terms of the time it was taking from his other clients. Mark David Chapman is secretly moved from a psychiatric hospital to an island jail in the East River.
And Now The Following Week – December 15, 1980 As Reported At
Sunday – More than 100,000 pack hillsides and valleys in Central Park during John Lennon commemorative services. A smaller crowd gathered outside the Dakota, the apartment house where Lennon lived and was shot.
Yoko Ono asks fans “to pray for John’s soul” for 10 minutes on Sunday. She thanked the millions of fans
and friends who paid tribute to Lennon in a worldwide outpouring of tears and silent prayer. She said she
saw her husband “smiling in the sky.”
Radio Comes Through -The stations to listen to in New York were WNEW-FM and WPLJ-FM for John Lennon. WNEW-FM prepared the selections for the Sunday Central Park gathering and they included classical selections and
Beatle songs. WNEW-FM went commercial-free for 12 hours after the murder was reported to the media. Lennon Tribute recordings. WABC -AM also went into John Lennon mode with Beatles music and veteran DJ Dan Ingram talked about WABC’s days when the Beatles first came to NY in 1964. All-news 1010WINS featured a story on how the Beatles were a part of WINS and Murray the K – back when they played top-40 music.
John Lennon Tributes Begin –
Since Lennon’s death, four tributes of the slain Beatle have been recorded. The first one, on Shelby Singleton’s Sun Label, was written, recorded and shipped within 48 hours of the murder. Three of the four songs came from Nashville. The fourth, “We won’t say Goodbye, John,” was recorded in Los Angeles. Here they are:

“John” – Baxter, Baxter & Baxter“John Would Agree” – Contains Beatles-flavored tracks – by Bob Farnsworth, “Elegy For the Walrus” – Sid Bradley. Another – “We Won’t say Goodbye – Iren Koste

Mr. Pop Culture Update – March 5… Mr. Pop Culture Report

Ice Ice Baby – ABC will feature a skating version of “Dancing with the Stars.” The as-yet-untitled series will follow a similar format to that of Dancing, which is also produced by BBC Worldwide. Taking a cue from Dancing‘s first season, the spin-off will start off small, pairing six celebrities with six pros. The show is based on Strictly Ice Dancing, a 2004 Christmas special of Strictly Come Dancing, the British Dancing equivalent.

John Lennon In New Commercial – A new Citroen commercial that’s airing on U.K. television features old footage of John Lennon.In the ad — made for Citroen’s new “anti-retro” DS-3 model — Lennon is shown criticizing people who rehash the past in their own work. “Once a thing’s been done it’s been done, so while this nostalgia — I mean for the ’60s and ’70s, you know, looking backwards for inspiration, copying the past — how’s that rock ‘n’ roll?” Lennon says. “Do something of your own. Start something new, you know? Live your lives now. Know what I mean?”

Martha’s Reality – Martha Stewart is reteaming with producer Mark Burnett for the new reality series Help Me, Martha! The show will follow Stewart, 68, and a cast of other home and lifestyle experts as they help ordinary individuals tackle difficult tasks at home and in the workplace, such as redecorating a home and organizing last-minute events.

Lip’s Aren’t Syncing – Ke$Sha who sang with Britney Spears on “Leather And Lace,” is calling out the pop princess for lip-syncing. “I don’t think that’s fair at all for people who are going to see the show. I think if you are going to be a singer, you should sing. If you are going to be a dancer, you should dance. If you are going to do a combination of the two, you should make it very clear when you are singing and very clear when you are dancing. I would never do that to my fans,” Ke$ha  told Scotland’s Daily Record.

Music passing – Ron Banks, whose silky falsetto helped give the Dramatics one of the most enduring careers in R&B, has died at home in Detroit. He was 58. Banks died possibly of a massive heart attack, said Billy Wilson, president of the Motown Alumni Association. The group had their biggest hits during the early 1970′s with such favorites as “In the Rain,” and “What You See Is What You Get.”

Mr. Pop Archives – This Week In 2009 –

Rock band U2 is getting official recognition for its stint this week on David Letterman’s show. Mayor Michael Bloomberg is temporarily renaming part of West 53rd Street in New York City as “U2 Way” on Tuesday of this week, the day the group’s latest CD is being released. The band is performing an unprecedented five consecutive times this week on the Letterman show over CBS.

New Orleans – Britney Spears kicks off her world tour — her first concert tour in five years.

Jimmy Fallon debuts as host of NBC’s “Late Night.”

Top movies this week in 2009

Tyler Perry’s Madea Goes To Jail

Slumdog Millionaire

Jonas Brothers 3D Concert Experience


He’s Just Not Into You


Paul Bart: Mall Cop

Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li


Confessions of a Shopaholic

Gran Torino

The Reader

From Alicia J – Mr. Pop – Paul McCartney had some unflattering words about his old mate John Lennon. They were on your site, but I can’t find them.

Mr. Pop History – McCartney here is candid. This probably wouldn’t be said in public by McCartney or anybody else these days. This is from the archives of November, 1985…

Paul McCartney , in a “Woman” magazine article, said about the late John Lennon, “He could be a maneuvering swine, which no one ever realized. Now since the death, he’s become ‘Martin Luther’ Lennon. But that wasn’t really
him either. He wasn’t some sort of holy saint. He was really a debunker.” McCartney said Lennon was insecure, jealous, suspicious and sometimes paranoiac about McCartney’s songs. “For 10 years together, he took my
songs apart. He was paranoiac about my songs. We had great screaming sessions about them,” said McCartney. “I saw somewhere that he says he helped on Eleanor Rigby. Yeah, abut half a line.” “No one ever goes on
about the times John hurt me. When he called my music Muzak. People keep on
saying I hurt him, but where’s their examples? When did I do it?” said McCartney
paul and linda