Did Seinfeld’s Julia Louis-Dreyfus Really Wear Glasses? Pop Culture TV Trivia.

She wore them a lot on the old Seinfeld series…

Mr. Pop History – No – they were there to punch up a scene – a prop. Character Elaine loved looking at people above her glasses – especially at work.

The gang believed that glasses were funny. Even Jerry Seinfeld did a “coke” glasses episode, and many remember when George mistakenly wore ladies glasses.

When Did Michael Richards Of “Seinfeld” Get Into Trouble With A Racist Tirade? Pop Culture History.

Mr. Pop History – Back in 2006. Richards was doing all sorts of damage control – because he had to. The “Seinfeld” shows were being re-released on DVD – and Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David didn’t want to risk anything.

Here’s something from November of 2006 – With Jerry Seinfeld helping out in damage control:

Michael Richards appears on David Letterman’s show – and with him – Jerry Seinfeld – to express contrition for his racist tirade in Los Angeles at a nightclub. As Richards apologized, Seinfeld told the studio crowd, “stop laughing, it’s not funny.”

From Diane W – Mr. Pop – I have a Seinfeld question: didn’t the producers get into hot water after the real “George Costanza” complained about his name being used on the show?

Mr. Pop History – That’s right. Michael Costanza, who had been a friend of Jerry Seinfeld during his Long Island growing-up days, filed suit, saying they violated his privacy rights by using his “name, likeness and persona.” As far as I know, the case was thrown out of an appeals court (yes, it went that far). Seinfeld's George Costanza