History’s “American Pickers” – Mondays…

Mr. Pop Culture -  “American Pickers.” Like you – the title led me to believe it had something to do with farming or food? Little did I know – it was a fun look at two guys searching the back highways for antiques.

It’s sort of an “Antiques Roadshow” – but these guys are really on the road – searching through treasures of junk/collectibles stacked in dusty old backyards, and storage areas: that is, the property of everyday Americans (with permission of course). It’s fascinating to see what’s out there collecting dust and rust.

Sometimes the Pickers know what something’s worth – at least if it has any value – but many times they don’t This is where spec skills and guts come into play. Always with cash on hand as money talks and nobody walks. Well, most of the time. As “American Pickers” shows us – sometimes it takes more than a single visit, after all – convincing someone to sell their junk is an art by itself.
And, we witness the elusive art of haggling. For example, we learn that Pickers rule 101 says – “Let them suggest the price.”

Part of its charm is getting to know the people with their so-called junk – well – maybe its not. And we get to see what’s purchased on the spot – and (later) what that junk is really worth. One of them – a guy called “Bear” we learn, collects old amusement/carnival rides. The stuff is just sitting on his property. Our two antique Pickers wind-up making an interesting deal.

Look for “American Pickers” on History.
Gary West – mrpopculture.com