Rap/Hip Hop And Loading Up Tracks With Guest Rappers – You Always See “Featuring.” Pop Culture History.

Mr. Pop History – As far as I can trace, this trend, which still continues, began with the 1990 album, “Fear of a Black Planet.” A Public Enemy album, it featured Big Daddy and Ice Cube as guests. That was over 20 years ago.

Complete solo albums in hip hop and rap are not all that common. This, because of the practice of loading up guest rappers.

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Ermerging Hip Hop and Rap On Radio… WBLS New York Had One Of The Best…

Mr. Pop History – When rap was emerging – there were some bright spots on radio. KDAY-AM (Los Angeles) was probably the first full-time hip hop/rap station. As far as radio, programming was scattered – you had to search the dial to find anything – and the best was even rarer.

Going back to 1988 or so, WBLS New York had a Friday night program dedicated to hip hop and rap. It was hosted by Mr. Magic and Marley Marl and Chilli Q. It was hot, off the streets and cool. Not far from WBLS was the city’s best hip hop/rap record store – The Music Factory. It was the place to get what you wanted. Remember – these records were kind of rare – and not found everywhere. It was all part of the earlier hip hop and rap scene.

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From Tosha K – Hello Mr. Pop. I’m writing a summer class essay on music. It seems different genres of music are tied to a particular city. Cleveland for rock: various Southern cities for Soul. Can you please tell me – is there one for Rap?

Mr. Pop History – There’s no doubt, Atlanta Georgia. It’s an epicenter for young Hip-Hop/Rap artists and has an area almost dedicated to Hip-Hop/Rap outlets. Lots of Rap and many recording deals have been made in Atlanta.