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From Marc I – How long is an actual 2-hour TV movie… those run on commercial networks? And, is there not a blur on product placement and content? Do the writers decide product placement?

Mr. Pop History – Great questions. The length on two-hour commercial-TV movies is 96 minutes. They’re written in seven acts, as opposed to three acts for theater movies and channels such as HBO. This is to accommodate commercials sets and station breaks.

Product placement – well, let’s face it. ultimately the writer is the gatekeeper of program quality – but, you can bet – network suits get involved – because – product placement is all about making money. It was such a big TV trend during the 2000′s and back in 2006, the Writer’s Guild and producers such as John Wells (ER) and Marc Cherry (Desperate Housewives) were very concerned about the encroachment of products into their scripts and demanded more control.

Today, it still remains a tug-of-war – unless you’re a very successful producer.

Mr. Pop Culture Report – April 20

Search For TV – Saying it will “change the future of television,” Google on Thursday rolled out Google TV — the internet giant’s venture into web-TV integration. The application, run by Google’s Android operating system, lets users search for content from their television, DVR and the web.The platform will let users search for content, from the name of a TV show to the name of a network, in much the same way a Google search works. They’ll get results from TV and the web and be able to watch either on their TV screen. It also will have voice recognition, letting users speak the name of a show or other content and have it pop up on their screens.

Vanessa Williams – the “Ugly Betty” (her show which wrapped up in April) veteran has joined the cast of ABC’s “Desperate Housewives.”

A Los Angeles Superior Court issued a bench warrant for Lindsay Lohan’s arrest. The bail was set at $100,000. Lohan, 23, failed to appear in court Thursday, claiming she was stranded without her passport at the Cannes Film Festival in the South of France. The troubled actress later made bail.

Google kicked off its annual developers’ conference this week by introducing tools to help people build web-based applications, while making a strong push for HTML5, the next generation of the code on which the web is built. In a wide-ranging keynote, Google engineers and guest speakers emphasized the potential of the web as an open-source platform for developers to build apps and reduce the dependence on plug-ins — small external programs, such as the Flash media player, that can make browsers more useful.

Desparate Houswives Actor Injured, Most Likley Absent Rest of the Season

We’ve learned Gale Harold, the actor who plays Teri Hatcher’s boyfriend on “Desperate Housewives,” was seriously injured yesterday in a motorcycle accident. And, contrary to what Harold’s rep says, a hospital spokesperson just told us the actor is in “critical condition” and is hoping the actor has a full recovery.

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