When Did Michael Richards Of “Seinfeld” Get Into Trouble With A Racist Tirade? Pop Culture History.

Mr. Pop History – Back in 2006. Richards was doing all sorts of damage control – because he had to. The “Seinfeld” shows were being re-released on DVD – and Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David didn’t want to risk anything.

Here’s something from November of 2006 – With Jerry Seinfeld helping out in damage control:

Michael Richards appears on David Letterman’s show – and with him – Jerry Seinfeld – to express contrition for his racist tirade in Los Angeles at a nightclub. As Richards apologized, Seinfeld told the studio crowd, “stop laughing, it’s not funny.”

David Letterman Question… Pop. Culture. History.

From Aaron Vic – David Letterman still holds up, but thought he was much better during his NBC years. Did he have a good team then?

Mr. Pop History – Then and now. But back during his NBC, “Late Night With David Letterman” days – he had at least three terrific writers that I know of… Steve O’Donnell, Jeremy Conway and Kathleen Ankers. Together, they came up with some wild bits for Letterman and interesting effects. Things such as his suit of magnets, a suit o’ sponges and so much more.

Top Pop Culture Stories – February 24… Mr. Pop Culture Report

Bryant Is Back - Kobe Bryant returned to lineup after missing five games with an ankle injury and made a 3-pointer with 4.3 seconds left to lift the LA Lakers to 99-98 victory over the Memphis Grizzlies. Bryant led the Lakers with 32 points, including his team’s final nine points. His 3-pointer with 54 seconds left tied the game at 96-all. His game-winner came off an inbounds play 4 seconds after his layup attempt was blocked by Rudy Gay. (Fox)

Sex and the New Scent – “Sex and The City” fans can finally smell like Carrie Bradshaw! Sarah Jessica Parker debuts a new scent, SJP NYC, based on her beloved character. “I like the idea of creating a fragrance of everyone. I thought a lot about the idea of like when Carrie Bradshaw walks down a street,” said Ms. Parker.

De-Ready DeGeneres – Ellen DeGeneres gets a first taste of judging on a live “American Idol”  Tuesday night as the Top 12 girls got their first chance to compete for the public vote. Ellen and Simon served as bookends on the judges’ table, with Randy and Kara at center. Making a play on Cowell’s remarks about them not getting along – Ms. Degeneres remarked that “We had a little problem and I felt like it’s safer over here,” of her seat next to Randy. “The problem is, Simon wants me and he’s got a thing for me and I get it Simon. I get it, and it’s not going to happen.”

Fool’s Gold At the Winter Games – A bad call by his coach costs (Dutch) Sven Kramer a gold medal in speed skating. Far ahead of the crowd, he stopped to talk to his coach, but was sent back – in the wrong position – to the inner instead of the outer track – and was disqualified!! OOOCH!! (see video).

Mr. Pop Archives – This Week In 1996…

Television news – Temperamental Roseanne Arnold dumps three of her show’s writers for helping her ex – Tom on his upcoming movie.

“The Late Shift” – an HBO movie about the battle between Jay Leno and Dave Letterman – drew 2.3 million homes – airing on Saturday night this week. (

After four years – “Picket Fences” will end production, although CBS has not officially canceled the series. “Nash Bridges” starring Don Johnson will air in the spot vacated by Picket Fences on Friday night beginning March 29.

On Saturday Night Live this week – Elle Macpherson hosts with musical guest Sting.

From Maureen H – David Letterman is benefiting from the Leno/O’Brien debacle. Can you tell me what David Letterman’s highest-ever ratings were for his late-night show?

Mr. Pop History – Nothing ever compared to the night of December 1, 2005. That’s when Oprah Winfrey appeared on David Letterman’s “Late Show” – her first-ever appearance on anything Dave for 16 years!

Only Oprah could do this… Dave’s ratings were 4X higher than normal – 13.4 million viewers!

No matter how you cut it, Oprah Winfrey is just a..maz..ing.

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Mr. Pop Salutes the late Ed McMahon – the #1 Second Banana of all time! Sandra Bullock looks great in this photo and her movie is out!

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