Celeb Men Behaving Badly 1997 Style. Charlie Sheen Reminds Us Of Another Time In Hollywood.

Mr. Pop History – Charlie Sheen has nothing on the year 1997 when actors Christian Slater, Martin Lawrence , Hugh Grant and Robert Downey Jr. were doing “bad” things. August of that year, it was a continuing list of bad publicity for Slater, Lawrence and Downey, while Hugh Grant was in trouble for getting caught with a prostitute near Hollywood – in a car.

The public seems to tolerate misbehavior – if the celebrity comes with a pre-conceived “roguish” image. Pop history tells us – Slater, Lawrence and Downey came through fine. Grant, though not a rogue, was “forgiven” as well. He (masterfully) made fun of his escapade on TV talk shows, endearing him to his audience.

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