Apple iPhone June 2007 Debut – What Made It Innovative?

Mr. Pop History – These features are old hat now, but back in 2007, when Apple was press-releasing us to death about its new iPhone, I found these features intriguing:

Service – switches from cellphone to Wi-Fi. Nobody was doing that as well as the rotate screen feature. I didn’t like that you could only get service through Cingular. But lets face – the whole look and feel of the 2007 iPhone was pretty cool – and you had everything in the palm of your hand – Internet, music, phone etc. And – even the camera – at 2 megapixels – was surprisingly good.

Mr. Pop Culture Report – September 1… Apple’s Newer Fruits… Odds Say Michael Douglas’ Days Are Numbered… Banned Hilton…

Although No One Is Saying It, Or Wants To Talk About It – Michael Douglas’ Days Are Numbered. So Say His Odds …

Battling stage-four throat cancer with rigorous chemotherapy and radiation, Michael Douglas appears on Letterman. He talked about his disease in a very candid interview on “Late Night.” Appearing gaunt, but healthy under the circumstances, the 65-year-old movie star was upbeat during his “Late Show” appearance. Letterman told Douglas he’d “never looked better.” Unfortunately – Michael is going to need a lot of luck. Stage 4 cancer is often a kiss of death. The appearance reminds Mr. Pop of the late Michael Landon – and his final appearance on Johnny Carson’s show.  He too, had stage four cancer at the time.

Paris Hilton was banned Wednesday from two Wynn resorts on the Las Vegas Strip, and her boyfriend was dismissed as a nightclub partner following their arrests in a vehicle that police said reeked of marijuana. Cy Waits was “separated” from his job after less than a week as top managing partner of the Tryst Nightclub at Wynn and XS The Nightclub at Encore.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduced a revamped Apple TV device, a new iPod line, an iTunes social network and updates to the operating system for the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad at Apple’s highly anticipated product launch event. Three new iPods were announced: an iPod Shuffle that ditches the previous no-button style in returning to a more classic look; a smaller iPod Nano that now has a touch screen but can no longer play video; and a thinner iPod Touch that has most of the features first introduced on the iPhone 4. The new iPods will be available next week. • Apple announced iTunes 10, available immediately, which comes with a new logo and a social music service called Ping that lets you see what your friends are listening to and make comments and recommendations.

Mr. Pop Culture Report – May 3

Warren Buffet said he is seeing real signs of improvement in the economy, especially in manufacturing, though it will take another year for a sustainable housing recovery to take hold.

Apple Inc. reports it is has sold 1 million of its new iPad tablet computers in the month after its launch, meaning it’s been selling more than twice as fast as the iPhone did when it was new. Apple said it reached the milestone this week, when the new 3G model of the iPad was delivered to its first buyers. That model can access AT&T’s cellular broadband network. The first models had only Wi-Fi access.

William Shatner  - commander the Starship Enterprise on TV’s “Star Trek,” but can he command his native land of Canada? Some die-hard fans think so – they want the original Capt. James T. Kirk to lead Canada as Governor General. The Shatner believers have launched a Facebook campaign calling for Shatner, a native of Montreal, to be appointed to a real five-year mission as the ceremonial Governor General of Canada. As of Wednesday, nearly 41,000 people were supporting the bid.

Passing – Lynn Redgrave  who became a 1960s sensation as the freethinking title character of “Georgy Girl ” and later dramatized her troubled past in such one-woman stage performances as “Shakespeare for My Father” and “Nightingale,” has died. She was 67.

Hot hits this week in 2010 –

Rude Boy – Rihanna

Nothin’ On You – B.o.B. fea. Bruno Mars

Hey, Soul Sister – Train

Need You Now – Lady Antebellum

OMG – Usher fea.

Airplanes B.o.B. fea. Hayley Williams of Paramore

Mr. Pop Archives – This Week In 1977 –

President Carter says the U.S. welfare system is “worse than we thought” and should be scrapped. He proposed a new system of jobs for those who can work and a guaranteed income for those who cannot.

First Lady Rosalynn Carter gives a box lunch on the south lawn of the White House for president Carter’s staff. The President attended, put his foot up on a piano bench and listened to live Dixieland jazz.

Wholesale prices, an indicator of prices consumers eventually pay, soar 1.1% in April – the third big monthly increase in a row.

Census Bureau reports – America’s population of 216 million is growing older as the median age of the population jumped from 27.9 years in 1970 to 29.0 in 1976.

Communities may not prohibit display of “For sale” signs on private property, the Supreme Court rules.

In a 90-minute David Frost interview – Richard Nixon in his first public comment on Watergate since resigning on Aug. 9, 1974, admits that he failed to meet his responsibility to enforce the nation’s laws during the Watergate coverup. And he admitted, he had not told the truth to the American people at the height of the Watergate scandal. “I let down my friends. O let down the country. I let down our system of government and the dreams of all those young people that ought to get into government, but think it’s too corrupt… I let the American people down, and I have to carry that burden with me for the rest of my life,” Nixon told Frost.

Mr. Pop Culture Report – April 26

American Idol” raised more than $15 million as part of their “Idol Gives Back” special, and one more contestant was sent home. Despite his good looks and contagious smile, Tim Urban was the contestant who was eliminated. Celebrities including Jennifer Garner, Elton John, the Black Eyed Peas, Joss Stone and Mary J. Blige showed their support at the “Idol Gives Back” charity event.

Music news – Teen sensation Justin Bieber was forced to cancel his only Australian gig on Monday after chaos broke out among fans. Scores of supporters camped overnight at Sydney Harbor to see their idol perform and by Monday morning, thousands of youngsters were packed into the Circular Quay area. The frenzied crowd began to surge, prompting police to cancel the event after “more than 100 teens” became “distressed,” according to officials.

Randy and Evi Quaid showed up in a criminal courtroom two weeks late Monday and were arrested on outstanding warrants, authorities said.The actor and his wife were ordered held on $100,000 bail and told to return for a court hearing Wednesday, Senior Deputy District Attorney Lee Carter said in an e-mail. The couple have repeatedly failed to show up in a Santa Barbara court for hearings in a felony case alleging that they defrauded an inn out of more than $10,000.

Mr. Pop Archives – This Week In 1987 –

Sports – NBA playoffs – as Larry Bird helps the Celtics beat the Bulls in a 108-104 victory. Will the Bulls come back?

NBA Expansion – Both Miami and Orlando are awarded franchises and you can add those to Minneapolis and Charlotte. The Miami Heat, The Minneapolis Timberwovles and the Charlotte Sprit will begin play during the 1988-1989 season. The Orlando Magic begin in 1989-1990.

Technology – Apple Computer says it is creating an independent software company to develop, publish and market applications software for its Macintosh and Apple II personal computers. The company also will publish software products developed by other companies.

Entertainment news –

Actress Mia Farrow is pregnant, and the father is her long-time beau Woody Allen. , The baby will be her ninth child, five of whom were adopted. Farrow (42) and Allen (51) began their professional association in 1982 when Farrow made “A Midsummer Night’s Sex Comedy” and have made six movies together.

Elizabeth Taylor teams up with Japanese businessman Ryoochi Sasakawa in an alliance to bring her anti-AIDS crusade to that country. She’s also meeting with Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone.

Mr. Pop Culture Report – April 20

Latest James Bond film suspends production - Due to the continuing uncertainty surrounding the future of MGM and the failure to close a sale of the studio, we have suspended development on BOND 23 indefinitely,” producers Michael Wilson and Barbara Broccoli said in a joint statement. “We do not know when development will resume and do not have a date for the release of BOND 23.” MGM has been on the brink of bankruptcy as it works with creditors to find a new owner.

Goldman Sachs reaffirmed its leadership among Wall Street banks as it reported its first-quarter profits doubled. But the news was overshadowed by the investment bank’s growing legal problems. As Goldman Sachs Group Inc. executives held conference calls with banking industry analysts and reporters Tuesday, the questions focused more on the Securities and Exchange Commission’s civil fraud charges against the company rather than its $3.3 billion earnings.

Apple Explodes - The company sold almost 11 million iPods last quarter and doubled its iPhone sales from this time last year, selling a record 8.8 million smartphones during the quarter ended March 27. Those sales helped Apple report a profit of $3.1 billion on revenue of $13.5 billion, blowing past Wall Street’s expectations.

Mr. Pop Culture Report – April 8

Ipad Glitches – Apple is acknowledging complaints that its new iPad computer has trouble connecting to the Internet. And it’s offering some possible solutions. “Under certain conditions, iPad may not automatically rejoin a known Wi-Fi network after restart or waking from sleep,” Apple said on its technical support site.

Oh Yes – For OS4 - Apple has unveiled details of its next-generation iPhone operating system in a press event at the company’s headquarters here. The new operating system, iPhone OS 4, will be released to developers this week and to consumers this summer. It will give developers access to calendar, photo library, still image and video data, and includes features aimed at helping apps run faster. As expected, the new OS will support multitasking of apps.

Don’t Expect Him Home Anytime Soon - Survivor” producer Bruce Beresford-Redman is a suspect in his wife’s death days after reporting her missing in the resort city of Cancun, a Mexican official said. The body of Monica Beresford-Redman was found Thursday in a sewer at the swanky Moon Palace resort where the family was on vacation, according to the official at the office of the attorney general for Quintana Roo state, where Cancun is located. A witness at the hotel saw the couple arguing Sunday, and Bruce Beresford-Redman has been detained as a suspect.

Music Passing – The British agent for former Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren says the music impresario has died in New York. He was 64. Les Molloy says McLaren had been suffering from cancer for some time and died Thursday. The multitalented McLaren rose to fame as the colorful manager of seminal punk band The Sex Pistols. The art college dropout is also known for his famous “Let It Rock” clothes shop he opened on London’s Kings Road with Vivienne Westwood.

Retro question of the day - Mr. Pop – Can you name an oldie that was essentially a top-5 dance record named after an animal? Mr. Pop – Has to be “The Horse” by Cliff Noble & CO. 1968 was the year.

Top Pop Culture – Today – March 4 & This Week In 1959… Mr. Pop Culture Report

Today Is Good For Meredith – “Today” co-host Meredith Vieira has signed a new deal with NBC that keeps her in the co-anchor seat alongside Matt Lauer until the end of 2011. The fact that Vieira re-upped with ‘Today’ isn’t surprising (she has settled in quite nicely over there), though it is a little surprising that she only signed on for one more year. I don’t know what type of contract Lauer has with the show. (TVS)

NBC removes Conan O’Brien Messages on Leno Board – . The Conan fans not only posted messages about Conan (that they wanted Jay “to see”), they also posted pictures of Conan like the one on the right (both bearded and clean-shaven versions). I’m going to side with NBC here. Hey, you’re bound to see that stuff online and there’s a history of people doing things like this to get their point across, but it’s their forum and they can do whatever they want with it, especially if it’s overrun with messages and photos from fans of someone who doesn’t even have a show on the network anymore. Of course, this doesn’t excuse NBC from the other “let’s delete Conan” stuff they pulled, including taking down all of his ‘Tonight Show’ clips from the site and the dumping of Conan Collectibles from the NBC online store. (TVS).

Marie’s Back - Singer Marie Osmond is preparing to return to the spotlight in Las Vegas- just one day after she lays her tragic son to rest. Osmond was left devastated when her 18-year-old adopted son Michael Blosil was found dead outside his Los Angeles apartment building in an apparent suicide last month. She and her brother Donny subsequently called off a string of concert dates as part of their Donny & Marie in Las Vegas‎ residency to be with family after the tragedy.

Apple’s Astounding App -  Those fine folks at Apple are now offering an app that causes your text messages to disappear. If Tiger Woods had this last year he’d still be married and shaving with Gillette. Ironically, the app is called TigerText. It allows users to set a time limit on how long their text messages remain. This can be anywhere from days to sixty seconds. (Ken Levine)

Seven & Eight Are The New Six – More than 100 people, many of them dressed in black, are expected to gather around a coffin Thursday to say goodbye to an old friend. The deceased? Internet Explorer 6. The aging Web browser, survived by its descendants Internet Explorer 7 and Internet Explorer 8, is being eulogized at a tongue-in-cheek “funeral” hosted by Aten Design Group, a design firm in Denver, Colorado. Google Docs and Google Sites discontinued support for the browser Monday, and YouTube will follow suit March 13.

Mr. Pop Archives – This Week In 1959:

Passing - Lou Costello (left) (52) of a heart attack – three days before his 53rd birthday. His former partner, Bud Abbot said of his friend: “My heart is broken. I’ve lost the best pal anyone ever had. I’m not making sense. But, I’m trying to compose myself.”

Verve Records demands a judicial order be nullified, ordering them to pay singer Ricky Nelson $31,064.47 in royalties for three records he made in 1957. Verve says it was taken by surprise and didn’t have time to object to the approval order. Nelson had already jumped to rival Imperial Records by the end of 1957. Under the settlement, Imperial Records and MCA Artists are to pay Verve $22 thousand for termination of services.

Perry Como signs a television contract for $25 million over two years – the largest in TV history. Under the deal, Como will star in 66 color-TV shows sponsored by Kraft Foods Co. The shows will be produced by Como’s production company Roncom. The sum includes all productions costs plus paying guest stars. It was not disclosed just how much Como will get out of the contract.

Golden Globe awards go to Rock Hudson and Deborah Kerr as film favorites. Best acting (for movies) went to David Niven, Susan Hayward, Danny Kay, Rosalind Russell, Burl Ives and Hermione Gigold. Best acting TV – Ann Southern, Loretta Young, Paul Coates, Red Skelton, William Orr and Ed Sullivan. Picture of the year: “The Defiant Ones” …  Best Musical – “Gigi” … Best Comedy – “Auntie Mame.”

Comedian Bob Hope flies to New York to consult a doctor in order to save his right eye. Hope has a blood clot in the eye vein and clouding of the cornea. The situation became serious the first week of February when he had to cancel a Miami benefit appearance. Hope will visit with Dr Algernon Reese of Columbia

Hot Pop Today – March 3 & This Week In 1997… Mr. Pop Culture Report

Hurt Hurting -  The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announces that “Hurt Locker” producer Nicolas Chartier will not be allowed to attend the March 7 awards show because of an e-mail that has been deemed in violation of the Academy’s campaigning standards. “Chartier had recently disseminated an e-mail to certain Academy voters and other film industry figures in which he solicited votes for his own picture and disparaged one of the other contending films,” the Academy said in a statement Tuesday evening.

Apple Doesn’t Google - Apple has filed a lawsuit against Google phone manufacturer HTC, claiming many of the company’s popular smartphones infringe on patents related to the iPhone. Apple alleges HTC violates as many as 20 patents, including multi-touch support, screen rotation and “unlocking a device by performing gestures on an unlock image.” “Apple is seeking treble damages for willful infringement, punitive damages, interest, and attorney’s fees in addition to a permanent injunction barring HTC from making, using, importing and selling devices that infringe on Apple’s patents.”

Let’s Go To Google, Kansas – Mayor Bill Benton of Topeka, Kansas, In a formal proclamation Monday, Bunten announced his city will be known as “Google” — Google, Kansas. Only for a month!  “It’s just fun. We’re having a good time of it,” he said of the unofficial name change, which will last through the end of March. “There’s a lot of good things that are going on in our city.”

Stern’s Latest Rant - Howard Stern, appearing on CBS’ “The Early Show,” called Jay Leno a “lapdog” and a “thief” who steals bits from him and David Letterman. “Jay Leno pushed Johnny Carson out of The Tonight Show.” Stern toned down the uncensored commentary for CBS, framing his loathing for Leno another way: “Just the mere mention of Jay Leno’s name makes me want to vomit.”  Leno, he said, is “the kind of showbiz animal that will not let go.” Stern said Leno should have walked when NBC decided to move him to 10 p.m. – the way Letterman did when the network picked Leno to take over “Tonight” instead of him. “Jay should’ve dusted himself off and gone to another network and beat [Conan].”

Speaking of Leno’s show – Appearing on the “Tonight” show – Sarah Palin poked fun at some of her favorite things including herself. Palin said the White House health care plan reminds her of acrobatic flips done by snowboard champion Shaun White. And she joked that it’s so cold in Alaska it’s “5 degrees below Congress’ approval rating.” Palin told Leno’s audience she planned to speak at a gun-rights convention: “Be there or else,” she warned them. She said Alaska is different from California. In Los Angeles, “when people have a frozen look on their face, I find out it’s Botox.” And she’s happy she’s not vice president. “I would not know what to do with all that free time,” she quipped.

Mr. Pop Archives – This Week In 1997…

The Dallas Morning news reports that Timothy J. McVeigh told his defense team that he alone drove the Ryder truck in the Oklahoma City bombing and decided on a daytime attack to ensure a “body count.”

Howard Stern is in Los Angeles for the premiere of “Private Parts.” He’ll do his radio show and reportedly, tickets to the premiere, which Stern will attend along with his radio crew – are going for $1000. He’ll also do the Tonight show on Friday night. He’s been plugging the movie for months on his radio show – to the extent that – some are just sick of the plugs. Howard can plug himself to death – for sure. But, the movie is getting decent reviews.

Brandy, LL Cool J and Gladys Knight host the 11th annual Soul Train Music Awards this week.

Don’t miss Tina Turner’s “Wild Dreams” tour.

The soundtrack for “Private Parts” starring Howard Stern is #1 this week.

Six month guessing game – The talk of the industry – seems to be the impending “coming out” episode of “Ellen” – in which Ellen tells us she’s a lesbian. The episode tapes this week and will air April 30.

Passing – David Doyle – Bosley on “Charlie’s Angels.” He was 67.

Top Movies This Week In 1997 –

The Empire Strikes Back

Donnie Brasco

Star Wars: Special edition

Booty Call

Absolute Power                                          

Dante’s Peak

Vegas Vacation

Fools Rush In

Marvin’s Room