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The radio industry just loves it – with all the doomsday reporting of “the battle” for media – radio always gets the raw deal. New numbers say that radio listening is in an uptrend. Here’s some of that reporting:

Arbitron released highlights from its RADAR 109 National Radio Listening Report and it says radio’s continued strength with a year over year increase of about 1.9 million weekly listeners ages twelve and older. The number of Persons twelve and older listening to radio each week now reaches an estimated 241.5 million, representing 93.1% of all persons twelve and older.

As compared to the June 2010 report, the number of radio listeners increased across all major demographics, with Adults 18-34 showing the biggest gains, adding nearly 350,000 weekly listeners in the age group in the past year. There are now nearly 66.5 million Adults 18-34 listening to radio each week, or 93.6% of all members of this demographic. The number of Teens 12-17 listening to radio also continues to rise, increasing 158,000 listeners versus June 2010, reaching more than 22.8 million weekly listeners or 92%.

According to RADAR 109, radio continues to reach more than 93% of Black (non-Hispanic) Persons 12 and older and more than 95% of Hispanics aged 12 and older on a weekly basis, or 29.8 million and 36.5 million respectively. Hispanic listeners 12 years rose by 1.1 million listeners compared to the June 2010 report. Hispanics 18-49 increased sharply in the last year, adding close to 600,000 weekly listeners since June, 2010.

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