Not Quite Forgetten – 1980′s Hitmaker Laura Branigan. Pop Culture Music History.

Mr. Pop History – Heard “Gloria” – the 1980′s signature song from Laura Branigan, also known for “Solitaire,” Self Control,” and “How Am I Supposed To Live Without You” – a song she co-wrote with Michael Bolton.

In 1994 she sang a duet with David Hasselhoff titled, “I Believe” – and many know it as the theme to “Baywatch” (remember theme songs?)

If you were listening the radio during the 1980′s, Laura Branigan certainly made her mark on the top-40. During her time, she released seven albums, and did some TV acting.

Laura Branigan died suddenly – in her sleep of a brain aneurysm. She was 47. She had complained about headaches for two weeks before she died – and the year was 2004.