Wolfman Jack Was A DJ On What Station In 1972? Pop Culture Radio History.

Mr. Pop History – When it comes to Wolfman Jack, many get confused on his radio background. So, let’s go back to April of 1972 – when Wolfman Jack:

Moved to KDAY, Los Angeles on April 16. He retained full syndication rights to his show, about to be heard heard in 28 other markets six times a week – an edited taped version of his live KDAY show.

Wolfman Jack didn’t have such a deal at his station beforehand, XPRS, which beamed his show from Tijuana to the north at night. But the KDAY signal stunk, so syndication was necessary for Wolfman Jack to be heard again in places such as Stockton, Sacramento and Seattle-Tacoma.

From there, he went to WNBC, NY. Wolfman Jack was never a big ratings draw, but he had radio pizazz, – a character bigger then the sum of his parts, and made money on live appearances. And, about this time, he increased his appearances on national TV – on such shows as “Midnight Special” on NBC-TV.

Gary West @ mrpopculture.com