“I Can’t Get No (Satisfaction)” Was First Played On April 29, 1965

The Rolling Stones, “I Can’t Get No (Satisfaction)” Could Not Have Been (First) Recorded In May of 1965

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Many of us rely on Wikipedia for the first and last word in facts. I have to admit – I use Wiki – but cautiously. My good friend Joe Condon pointed out an interesting fact to me. During the 1960′s – Joe was one of the top-rated DJ’s at WTRY in Troy, NY. WTRY was known to play big hits very, very early – and that included the Beatles and the Rolling Stones.

The Rolling Stones… WTRY was the very first to play, what would become, one of the greatest rock ‘n roll songs of all time – “Satisfaction.” The date – April 29, 1965. The problem is – Wiki – and about half-a-dozen “authoritative” song authors and their books claim the song was “recorded” on May 10. That’s just not possible. WTRY began playing the tune on April 29. My guess – the later dates were re-dos. WTRY was most-likely playing a test-pressing – and Joe Condon confirmed the station was playing an acetate disc.

Here’s Joe’s full explanation via e-mail:

“There are many many people,  who were there and  will confirm  that “Satisfaction” was, in the building and  played April 29th on WTRY.”
Continues Joe Condon:
1.   I filled in for Rick Snyder that night,  who was down at Palace Theatre, Albany for a Rolling Stones concert. WTRY program director Lee Gray had a nightly feature on Rick’s show called “Voice Your Choice”.  From 8pm to 9pm, listeners would vote on 4 songs. That night – the Rolling Stones were in concert. They never came to the WTRY studios in Troy – but instead, gave “Satisfaction” to Lee Gray. Lee sent someone back to WTRY,  only about 15 minute drive from the Palace Theatre, with “Satisfaction” for “Voice Your Choice.” The record with the most votes became… the “Spectacular Sound of the Hour”.  “Satisfaction” won. When I walked in the studio,  Doug Cole told me that, “you  are going to have to drop one of the records Rick left,  because the Rolling Stones had brought  their latest record to Albany.”

2.   Next night (Friday) night,  listeners voted on all 4 winning songs for “Spectacular Sound of the Week”.  “Satisfaction” won. I remember listening to Rick that  Friday, and was (that) they won.  Reason:  there was a very big local group called Buddy Randell and the Knickerbockers… they had a song(don’t remember which song)… which lost to the  Rolling Stones.  I wanted the local guys to win.

Thank you Joe Condon, who confirms the “Satisfaction” early airplay over WTRY.
Gary West – mrpopculture.com