Rick Dees Back Again – Morning Los Angeles Radio. Pop Culture Radio History.

He’s back. It’s the fourth time around for Rick  Dees on morning Los Angeles radio. Hope it works for Rick.

Back in the 1980′s and into the 1990′s – Dees was on top. He was unstoppable on LA’s KIIS-FM. He was on television, had a top-rated morning show – and a national radio countdown show. Rick Dees.

My understanding is that his new show on LA’s 92.3FM – is voice tracked. He’s not “really” there. And it’s not in real time. Money thing. Morning drive – voice track. Kind of a bummer. For me – I hate knowing I’m listening to a track that was cut, perhaps, a day earlier – especially on morning radio – where it should be live. The expectation must be mediocre ratings – but hey, you never know! During his KIIS-FM days, Dees would have eaten his competition alive knowing “they” were doing what he’s doing today.

Dees never really shined on TV – you always expected the real Dees to come out – but – his gifted radio personality never ever translated to video. On radio – Dees was/can be incredible… very entertaining. His funniest moments were when the show was seemingly “out of control” – something you can only do live/spontaneous – and with other elements such as a sports guy, sidekick, music, producer, phone calls, bits, drop-ins and music. It was pure Dees magic on KIIS-FM and it never got better.

That just can’t happen on a voice track. You can set it up and all that – but clearly – the whole element of surprise and the unpredictable is gone.

I’ll always be a fan of those KIIS-FM shows – particularly the 1980′s. Pure, great morning radio entertainment.

Gary West - mrpopculture.com