RCA Tried To Replace Elvis Presley With This Artist – In 1958

1958 Pop Culture Music History/Elvis Presley Trivia


1958 and RCA Victor’s best selling recording artist – Elvis Presley – goes into the Army. For two years. What to do? Since 1956 – Elvis has been a goldmine for the record label.

Elvis has some songs in the can – so – the record company will have it covered – but, what if they bomb? Everyone knows Elvis is in the Army!

Answer – come up with a new star. His name – Joey Castle. He sounds like Elvis and can gyrate with the best of them. RCA took out a record ad – and proclaimed Joey Castle, “The New King of Rock ‘N’ Roll.” How could they?

Joey who? As pop history tells us, no one cared for Joey Castle. But, isn’t this fascinating?

Elvis replacement Joey Castle music 1958