Pop Culture Internet History. Web Sites and Facebook Pages Still With Us, Although Their Authors Have Passed-On.

Mr. Pop Culture – I admit, it can be a little creepy – but it’s an increasing by-product of the Internet and the times. Websites and Facebook pages, among others – still alive, although their authors/owners have passed on.

Clay Cole was a New York pop culture icon – someone Baby Boomers adored. And, he was a great guy. I had the pleasure of interviewing him October 2010. Clay passed away suddenly the first week of December, 2010.

MrPopCulture Report/Clay Cole Interview – October 2010.

Clay’s wonderful website is stuck on December 2010 – Christmas music and all. He updated it almost daily – until his untimely death.

Do you have stories of someone who passed, whose website or social pages live on??

Gary West – mrpopculture.com