Mr. Pop Culture Report… September 28… Virtual Is Hot… Singer Arrested For Cocaine… Goodbye Gloria… And…

The “virtual goods” market is growing at a healthy clip, according to an industry report issued Tuesday. The research group Inside Network says the U.S. virtual goods market will hit $2.1 billion in 2011, up from $1.6 billion this year. The group, which also owns a blog about Facebook, attributes much of the growth in that market to social online games like “FarmVille.”

British singer Pete Doherty was charged on Tuesday with possessing cocaine in connection with an inquiry into the suspected overdose death of heiress Robyn Whitehead. The 31-year-old Babyshambles frontman and former partner of supermodel Kate Moss was one of four people questioned after the January death of the filmmaker, who had been working on a documentary of Doherty at the time. Two of Doherty’s friends were also charged — Peter Wolfe, 42, for supplying and possessing cocaine, and Alan Wass, 29, for possessing cocaine.

Passing – Gloria Stuart, the 1930s Hollywood leading lady who years later became the oldest Academy Award acting nominee for her role as the spunky survivor in “Titanic,” has died. She was 100.

Sarah smiles at daughter Bristol – live from the audience on “Dancin’ With The Stars.” Naturally, the press thought they heard boo’s.