From Alicia J – Mr. Pop – Paul McCartney had some unflattering words about his old mate John Lennon. They were on your site, but I can’t find them.

Mr. Pop History – McCartney here is candid. This probably wouldn’t be said in public by McCartney or anybody else these days. This is from the archives of November, 1985…

Paul McCartney , in a “Woman” magazine article, said about the late John Lennon, “He could be a maneuvering swine, which no one ever realized. Now since the death, he’s become ‘Martin Luther’ Lennon. But that wasn’t really
him either. He wasn’t some sort of holy saint. He was really a debunker.” McCartney said Lennon was insecure, jealous, suspicious and sometimes paranoiac about McCartney’s songs. “For 10 years together, he took my
songs apart. He was paranoiac about my songs. We had great screaming sessions about them,” said McCartney. “I saw somewhere that he says he helped on Eleanor Rigby. Yeah, abut half a line.” “No one ever goes on
about the times John hurt me. When he called my music Muzak. People keep on
saying I hurt him, but where’s their examples? When did I do it?” said McCartney
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