Pop Culture Music History. There Was An Answer Record To “Woman Woman” – The 1968 Hit By Gary Puckett & The Union Gap.

Mr. Pop History – If you know this song, you’ll find this very interesting. Note for note, this one’s called “Baby, Baby Have You Got Cheating On Your Mind.” Cathie Taylor sings.

It was the only way to get the “guy” thing in… using the word baby. Pretty clever. And, here it is – from 1968.

“Woman Woman” began a string of 1968 and 1969 hits for the Union Gap.

Baby Baby, Have You Got Cheating On Your Mind – Cathie Taylor mrpopculturedotcom

The Song “Unchained Melody” – Pop Culture Music History.

So many know this classic from a 1965 Righteous Brothers hit. Actually, it was the late Bobby Hatfield singing on that one. But, it was actually the fifth version of the song.

It was in fact, an “Unchained” melody. The original came from an unknown movie called, “Unchained” back in 1955 – a prison movie. That movie  – a “B” movie, had no stars to speak of, was about the plight of California minimum security prisoners.

Song was written by Alex North and that first version was sung for the movie by Todd Duncan.
Who?? Bummer – that version never became a hit. But other versions hit the charts. Quickly.

Les Baxter took an orchestral version to the top of the charts the same year. Around the same time, vocalist Al Hibbler had his version hit the top-5. And, yet another vocal version by Roy Hamilton hit the top-10 nationally. WOW. That was all in 1955. Wait a minute, another version by June Valli hit the charts a few months later. Then came the infamous 1965 version.

So many music fans know the song from the 1990 film, “Ghost.” It’s a classic! And, this brings up a great subject: major hit songs that came from “nothing” movies.

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