Pop Culture Audio, Television, Internet And Telephone History – A Timeline


I love pop history/pop culture. Can’t you tell? Here’s a terrific timeline. On top – evolution of the telephone. One thing’s missing – cell phone service – which went mainstream in 1982. On the bottom – audio and playback. While this isn’t complete (such as stereo and such) – it’s a lot of fun to look at. For instance – did you know – the first 78rpm record actually came out in 1879? How about those crank phones? A year later – in 1880.

Dig that 1964 slimline phone – lookin’ good!

Now look at radio. AM radio came to us in 1906! Today – your favorite AM station uses the same 1906 technology! Look at FM – 1937. Again – most FM is the same (stereo was added in the 1950′s and sanctioned by the FCC in 1961).

The iPod – wow – 10 years old. So is satellite radio. HD radio?? Won’t be around too much longer I’m afraid. It’s bombing.

I’ve put together a timeline for you – follow audio, television, computer, internet and all consumer technology – from 1952-2014 – Click here for the

mr pop history pop culture audio and telephone timeline

Mr. Pop History/Mr. Pop Culture Presents An Audio And Telephone Timeline

Pop Culture Music Top-40 History. 1960′s. Where Have All the Pop Stars Gone?

Mr. Pop History -

Authors Marti Smiley Childs and Jeff March of done it again. Authors of “Echoes of the Sixties” – they’ve got a new book out, “Where Have All The Pop Stars Gone” vol. 1.

Find out where members of such top-pop groups as the Association, The Spiral Starecase, the Zombies, Chris Montez and others, have been up to. Yes, some of passed on, but others, well – life sometimes throws surprising things out. Sometimes – not. The book will hold you captive.

We find out, they’re just like us! Lots of nice surprises and, lest we forget, the book generously lists of all those songs we remember. Remember all the hits of the Association?

Gary West

Pop Culture Movie History. Did Disney Studios Ever Work On Movies Other Than His Own?

Mr. Pop History – Let’s face it. Disney is known for – Disney. But, did you know that the Disney studios did work on at least one (outside) movie production?

That’s correct. It was the 1956 color sci-fi movie “The Forbidden Planet” where the Disney studios contributed some of the special effects. But – this was not a Disney film. Not by any means. So, just so you know – it did happen, once – back in 1956.

Pop Culture Movie History – Marilyn Monroe Did A TV Product Commercial?

Mr. Pop History -
Early in her career – Ms. Monroe did a TV commercial for (Unocal) United Oil of California. In it, she tells a service station attendant – that she wants her new car, to be the best cared for car – ever.

Service station attendant – those guys who filled-it-up, wiped the windows and performed other minor, quick services.

Marilyn Monroe – then, a minor player – would soon become a star. No more commercial endorsements. I believe this was the only one she did. And, it was only seen in places such as Los Angeles.

Pop Culture Movie History. “Psycho” Actor Anthony Perkins – Died With A Secret.

Mr. Pop History – That is correct – as Perkins died of AIDS back in 1992. His wife, Berry Berenson, had no idea how he became infected, but later it was revealed he was gay – even had a pre-marriage liaison with music great Leonard Bernstein.

She would perish in a 9-11 plane.

If we only had the medications we had today. Back in the 1980′s and 1990′s, AIDS was certain death.


Pop Culture Music History – Where Did The Name Come From? Creedence Clearwater Revival.

Mr. Pop History – They were one of the hottest pop/rock bands of 1969, 1970 and into 1971. They sold singles and albums by the millions – and, from the small Fantasy Record label.

Creedence – well, he was a real person. Credence Nuball. Band members also thought – adding an extra “e” gave them – well, creedence. Like creed. Credence Nuball was a friend of a friend of Tom Fogerty.

Clearwater – originally came from ads from beer maker Olympia – made from cool, clear water. THey liked its clean environmental sensibility.

Revival came from their musical values – values they carried from their beginning. Afterall – it took the band some eight years to “make it.”

Pop Culture Movie History – Actor James Dean Started With A Pepsi-Cola Commercial.

Mr. Pop History – That is correct. Unknown James Dean was breaking into the business. It was 1950 when Dean was cast – with an assembly of other teenagers – in a Pepsi-Cola commercial. “Pepsi Cola Hits The Spot” was the tagline – and Dean was paid $10 for his services.

It was Pepsi’s first TV commercial. Dean was 19 at the time.

Pop Culture Disaster History… From 1952 – 12,000 Lives Taken.

Mr. Pop History – From the Mr. Pop Week Of December 1, 1952… London was invaded by a thick polluted fog between Dec. 3 and Dec. 7. So thick, many couldn’t see their shoes. The initial death count was 4000 – but further studies say that eventually passed to 12,000 lost lives.

The fog turned out to be a mix of sulphur dioxide and coal smoke – along with common auto and industrial pollutants. The catalyst was stagnant air caused by a cold front.

Exactly 10 years later – another deadly London Fog – this one claimed 136 lives.

Something to think about next time you put on that London Fog coat.

Pop Culture Tech News – Sales of iPods Down… Blackberry Still In There.

Mr. Pop History – Apparently, sales of iPods are way down. Thanks to smarter phones such as Apple’s own iPhone and of course, the Android phone. Sales of iPods are down 20% from a year ago. I love my iPod – great device and easily managed through iTunes.

Speaking and the Android phone, – theyre the leaders at 29% of all smartphone sales. Apple’s iPhone AND Blackberry hold 27%. And you thought Blackberry was out of the picture!

Gary West – mrpopculture.com

First TV Show To Use “Shaking” Shoulder Camera. Pop Culture Television History.

I’m not the biggest fan of the way TV and movies are primarily shot these days. There’s way too much jiggling of the camera – up, down and sideways. That’s because, thanks to MTV – it seems our attention span is much less. So, when we see a simple shot like standing in one place,talking – we see the camera jerking – left – right, right-left, up-down, sideways – you name it. YIKESSS!!!

And, it’s everywhere now. TV, movies, commercials. Separately – another trend – I especially “love” the sideshot of somebody talking into another camera.
That’s another great effect – to keep our attention. You know what it really is? Fill. Just fill. A boring commercial or interview – but it needs this.

My-my what has it all come to.

Back to the subject – the first TV show to use this type of jiggling shoulder-camera effect (thank goodness it quickly went away) was the 1970′s ABC-TV series “Kolchak The Night Stalker” starring Darren McGavin. Yes, the 1970′s – way before MTV. But, on Kolchak, it was used for effect – not because its audience needed a constant moving camera to keep their attention.

Gary West – mrpopculture.com  Thank you Robert Neill.