Pop Culture You Tube Music – Songs Of The Week Comparison 2011/2010/2009

The Best Youtube Music Songs

Looks At Now And Same Time 2010 and 2009

The Best Songs Of The Week


Top Youtube Song This Week:

“Someone Like You” – Adele

Top Youtube Music… Last Year At This Time:

“Firework” – Katy Perry

Top Youtube Music Song – This week in 2009:

“Empire Of The State” – Jay-Z & Alicia Keys

Top News of the Week From 2009:

Two down, one to go. President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul easily cleared its second 60-vote test in the Senate early Tuesday morning. Senate Democrats remained united in their goal of passing historic legislation by Christmas, and Republicans were steadfast in opposition.
The motion to shut off debate on a package put together by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid passed 60-39.
Senate Democrats passed a landmark health care bill in a climactic Christmas Eve vote that could define President Barack Obama’s legacy and usher in near- universal medical coverage for the first time in the country’s history. “We are now finally poised to deliver on the promise of real, meaningful health insurance reform that will bring additional security and stability to the American people,” Obama said shortly after the Senate acted.
Terrorist attack fizzles on plane over U.S . – The U.S. system for checking suspicious travelers and airport security came under new scrutiny after an alleged terrorist bent on destroying a jetliner was thwarted only by a malfunctioning detonator and some quick-thinking passengers. An apparent malfunction in a device designed to detonate the high explosive PETN may have been all that saved the 278 passengers and the crew aboard Northwest Flight 253 on Christmas Day. No undercover air marshal was on board and passengers subdued the suspect, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab , 23, of Nigeria. Abdulmutallab was hospitalized with burns from the attack and was read
an indictment filed Saturday in federal court in Detroit charging him with attempting to destroy or wreck an aircraft and placing a destructive device in a plane. He was released from the hospital Sunday to the custody of federal
marshals, who would not reveal where he was being held. But his lawyer said he was being held at a federal prison in Milan, Mich.

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