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Tech History June 1952 - RCA Victrola 45rpm players are becoming popular. It’s the first time consumers can “program” their own music by stacking 45rpm records in a preferred playing order. More and more record companies will be offering the 45rpm single format in the near future.

technology-news-history-PC-compaq-1995Tech History From June 1995 - PC war is on with two fierce competitors – Compaq and Packard Bell…. Also, AT&T in a mailing to 175,000 True Reward customers, mistakenly provided the toll-free number to a sex chat line.

Tech History From June 2001 –  New York wants to ban cell phone use while driving. It should become law, soon…. And, AT&T and AOL announce plans to develop a co–branded cell phone. It’ll offer AOL’s online services including instant messaging.

Tech History From June 2007 -  iPhone is here – Apple considers its iPhone its biggest product launch since the Mac back in 1984 and if the lines are any indication – they’re right. They’ve already sold some 100 million iPods. They closed all 164 Apple stores on Friday to prepare for sale of the iPhone, which began 4 hours later (Friday) and the lines were huge.

Tech History From December 2011 - 2011  seemed to be the year when streaming media for mobile really took off. , 14% of U.S. mobile users (about 31 million people) now watch videos on their smartphones and feature phones, a 35% increase over last year. Also, 29% of U.S. smartphone users stream music or Internet radio to their phones, up 66% from 2010.