NBC-TV & Ryan Seacrest Rolling Out New Trivia Show

Ryan Seacrest Thirty Second Quiz Trivia Photo

NBC & Seacrest Ready To Roll Out – “Million Second Quiz”

Not Your Father’s TV Trivia

Get ready for a new and different kind of trivia TV show – one that’s 1 million consecutive seconds and will air via TV  & the Internet. The show will contain lots of trivia – much of the same kind you find here on the Mr. Pop Video Timeline. The show is going for a younger audience, so – expect “trivia” to more pop and – more modern. TV, music, movies (you know those actors and actresses questions) – those kinds of things (who did what in this TV show?). Also, the show promises a kind of trivia twist – not your ordinary trivia type show – not yet known.

And the program – it’ll be carried over two mediums – regular NBC-TV and “continue” on the Internet – then back on NBC – you get the picture.  The show was first pitched last year and the exact format was worked out recently. It should be very entertaining. Duration – 12 straight days/one million seconds. So get ready – tune-up on your trivia.

Seacrest and his production company have been on a roll – and – this will be his first – real game-type show. He’s always wanted one – because – well, Dick Clark did the same thing.  They’re cheaper to produce and if you score – the product potential is amazing.

Look for it in September. Meantime – get yourself fine-tuned…

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