I never ever remember red M&M candies when I was growing up

Red M&Ms

Red M&Ms

From David G – Mr. Pop – Is my memory correct in that, I never ever remember red M&M candies when I was growing up, but I see “red” today. Didn’t Mars discontinue the little red candies, then, bring them back?

Mr. Pop History – You have a good memory, Mars discontinued red M&M’s in 1976 because its dye was considered a health risk. But, they were brought back in 1987. Here’s something from the mrpopculture.com files from January 15, 1987:

Mars announces that red M&M’s are coming back after an absence of 11 years. The return of the little candy was prompted by a national outcry that included thousands of letters to the manufacturer and the formation of college campus societies. Red M&M’s were discontinued in 1976 because of “confusion and concern” over Red Dye No. 2, which was banned by federal regulators as a health risk. Red M&M’s were always safe though, as they contained Red Dye Nos. 3 and 40. Mars always sold a limited number of packages of green and red candies for the holidays.

Timeline – Pepsi Pop Culture – What Was Pepsi-Cola’s Original Name?

Pepsi Cola Trivia


What was the original name of Pepsi??

Mr. Pop History – “Brad’s Drink.” That’s right! That was the first name inventor Caleb Bradham put to his most popular soft drink, which was served at his drugstore in New Bern, NC. He changed it to Pepsi after buying the rights to Pep Cola, the name of a company that had just gone out of business.


date history pepsi-cola-trivia-pop-culture

Pop Culture Movie History. Did Disney Studios Ever Work On Movies Other Than His Own?

Mr. Pop History – Let’s face it. Disney is known for – Disney. But, did you know that the Disney studios did work on at least one (outside) movie production?

That’s correct. It was the 1956 color sci-fi movie “The Forbidden Planet” where the Disney studios contributed some of the special effects. But – this was not a Disney film. Not by any means. So, just so you know – it did happen, once – back in 1956.

Pop Culture Movie History – Marilyn Monroe Did A TV Product Commercial?

Mr. Pop History -
Early in her career – Ms. Monroe did a TV commercial for (Unocal) United Oil of California. In it, she tells a service station attendant – that she wants her new car, to be the best cared for car – ever.

Service station attendant – those guys who filled-it-up, wiped the windows and performed other minor, quick services.

Marilyn Monroe – then, a minor player – would soon become a star. No more commercial endorsements. I believe this was the only one she did. And, it was only seen in places such as Los Angeles.

Pop Culture Movie History. “Psycho” Actor Anthony Perkins – Died With A Secret.

Mr. Pop History – That is correct – as Perkins died of AIDS back in 1992. His wife, Berry Berenson, had no idea how he became infected, but later it was revealed he was gay – even had a pre-marriage liaison with music great Leonard Bernstein.

She would perish in a 9-11 plane.

If we only had the medications we had today. Back in the 1980′s and 1990′s, AIDS was certain death.


Pop Culture Movie History – Actor James Dean Started With A Pepsi-Cola Commercial.

Mr. Pop History – That is correct. Unknown James Dean was breaking into the business. It was 1950 when Dean was cast – with an assembly of other teenagers – in a Pepsi-Cola commercial. “Pepsi Cola Hits The Spot” was the tagline – and Dean was paid $10 for his services.

It was Pepsi’s first TV commercial. Dean was 19 at the time.

Pop Culture Music History. There Was An Answer Record To “Woman Woman” – The 1968 Hit By Gary Puckett & The Union Gap.

Mr. Pop History – If you know this song, you’ll find this very interesting. Note for note, this one’s called “Baby, Baby Have You Got Cheating On Your Mind.” Cathie Taylor sings.

It was the only way to get the “guy” thing in… using the word baby. Pretty clever. And, here it is – from 1968.

“Woman Woman” began a string of 1968 and 1969 hits for the Union Gap.

Baby Baby, Have You Got Cheating On Your Mind – Cathie Taylor mrpopculturedotcom

William Frawley, Fred On “I Love Lucy” Did Sing On A Record! Pop Culture (I Love Lucy) History

Mr. Pop History – It’s interesting that even Fred Mertz cut a record. At one time, it seemed the “in thing” – to get every popular actor in the recording studio. I mean, so many did it.

Back in 1958, after “I Love Lucy” morphed into “The Luci-Desi Hour” on CBS-TV, you could go to record stores and purchase, “William Frawley Sings the Old Ones” on Dot Records. This is the same label that later released albums by actors Leonard Nimoy (Spock) and Greg Morris (Barney) on “Mission: Impossible.”