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WMCA New York – Beatles History

Station Broadcasts Live From the 1965 Beatles Shea Stadium Concert

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Promoter Sid Bernstein got the idea of his career – why not book the Beatles in a stadium?  Even though it was the Beatles, the hottest band ever, Bernstein was taking a risk. 14,000 seats at Carnegie Hall – sure. Madison Square Garden – that was a possibility with about 20,000 seats – but 55,000?

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Turns out – he could have used more seats. At the same time, he changed pop culture music history. Forthwith – stadium concerts became popular – music festivals such as “Woodstock” would soon follow. “Filling a stadium” became a familiar phrase in concert lexicon.

Beatles - shea 1965 music history

And, getting one of the biggest scoops in pop culture history – was New York radio WMCA. In 1965 – the station was tops in ratings popularity. It already had solidified itself as the place for the Beatles with song exclusives, information and custom Beatle ID’s.

On Sunday night, August 15 – WMCA broadcast the entire concert – as close as possible. While the station didn’t air the “live” performance, as soon as the Beatles began playing a tune, WMCA would grab (as much as it could) – the recorded version. Ed Baer – sitting high atop – described the action perfectly – while the rest of the WMCA Goodguys – introduced the Beatles on stage. Sometimes the crowd was so loud, they couldn’t hear the song!

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Listen to what it was like – on that special August night in 1965. Back in time – a exclusive – The Beatles at Shea – listening live on WMCA, New York.

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Paul McCartney’s family fears for his safety

Sir Paul McCartney’s children are said to be “racked with worry” over death threats made against their father.

Mary, Stella, James and step-daughter Heather are all extremely concerned about the former Beatle’s upcoming concert in Israel after he received murderous warnings from Islamic extremist Omar Bakri Muhammad.

The star was branded an “enemy” of all Muslims for his decision to perform in the Jewish country, but 66-year-old Paul has dismissed the threats.

A family source said: “Paul’s family know he’s not the type to back down but that doesn’t stop them being extremely worried about him.

“It’s understood his kids would prefer him not to do the show but they also accept their dad will do what he believes to be right and won’t be scared off.”

The music legend is due to perform at the Friendship First concert, which marks Israel’s 60th anniversary, later this month.

Hate preacher Bakri has revealed there are martyrs prepared to give up their lives in order to kill Paul.

Bakri was quoted as saying: “Our enemy’s friend is our enemy. We have what we call ‘sacrifice’ operatives who will not stand by while he joins in a celebration of their oppressions.

“If he values his life Mr. McCartney must not come to Israel.”

Speaking on a TV show about the possible assassination attempt, Paul said: “I was approached by different political bodies who asked me not to come here. I refused. I do what I think and I have many friends who support Israel.”

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