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Some History Facts Pertaining To Charles Adams’ Most Famous Contribution – The Addams Family

The 1960′s – History Timeline – February 28, 1964 -

Al Simon is named executive producer for a new series based  on the Charles Adams characters. The name of the
series is tentatively titled, “The  Addams Family.” Simon has been  associated with The Beverly  Hillibillies, Mr. Ed and Petticoat  Junction. The series will draw from the Adams’ books  including “Addams & Evil”, “Night Crawlers” and
“Homebodies.” The series is scheduled to debut next TV  season.

Date Timeline – August 5, 1964. Addams Family TV Mansion Actually Is A Real House On Adams Blvd In Los Angeles.

timeline-1960's-addams-family-mansion-history-pop-google-mr-pop-cultureDid you know that the exterior shot of the Addams Family Victorian mansion, was shot in L.A. – at a house on … Adams Blvd! “The Addams Family” will debut on ABC-TV this September. David Levy, producer of the show, said he got the idea for the series when he was walking by a bookstore in New York. In the store window, was a book called “Homebodies” by Charles Adams. It had the entire group of  Addams characters in a family portrait on the
cover. “I stopped and looked at that cover and told my friend – there’s a hit series.” Levey says he called Adams and he agreed to work out a series plan. Although he had been drawing the characters for 30 years, none of them had names, so Levy asked Adams to name them all. “He came up with names like Morticia for the ghostly woman, Lurch for the great hulking butler, Uncle Fester for the little bald grinning man, Gomez for Morticia’s husband. Gomez surprised me, but Addams said he always felt his character had Latin blood.”

Date Timeline – October 1, 1964. TV Listings/TV Ratings. Addams Family In The Top-20 TV Guide Shows!

Bewitched – 32.3  Gomer Pyle – 29.5 Addams Family – 25.8 Munsters – 25.0 No Time For Sergeants – 24.7 Peyton Place (Thurs) – 23.4 Flipper – 23.3 Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea – 22.8 Peyton Place (Tues) – 21.9 Daniel Boone – 21.3 Many Happy Returns – 21.3 Tycoon – 21.2 Wendy & Me – 20.7 Gilligan’s Island – 20.7 Broadside – 20.3 Cara Williams Show – 20.1 Bing Crosby – 19.9 Shindig – 19.7 Valentine’s Day – 19.7 12 O’Clock High – 18.8 Kentucky Jones – 18.7

Date Timeline – May 10, 1965 – Ted Cassidy – Lurch’s Career Is On A Roll

Apparently the roll of “Lurch” on the “Addams Family” has given Ted Cassidy a boost in his career. There’s a record, cartoon series and motion picture, among other projects in the works for the actor. Says Cassidy – “I get very nervous about the whole thing. but I know I’m not going to live to be 400 and there’s a lot I want to do. It’s not that I want to make any big mark, but I do want to have a good, full life.”

Date Timeline – June 8, 1965. Probably Because Of The Addams’ Family’s Lower-then-expected-ratings:

Changes to TV shows next season – The Addams Family is adding three invisible characters to second season…Carolyn Jones will be doing double duty on the Addams Family next season, In addition to playing Morticia, she will be seen as Morticia’s older sister, Ophelia Frump. David Levy, series creator, describes Ophelia as “a blonde with stringy hair on which she wears a garland of buttercups. After sprouting archaic prose - elegantly- she is likely to slide down the banister.” She’ll be billed as an expert at karate and jujitsu.

Date Timeline – November 1, 1965. Charles Adams Finally Meets The Addams Family Cast – On Set

Television news – Charles Adams, creator of those cobwebby cartoons in the New Yorker, finally travels to Los Angeles  to meet the cast of his TV series – The Addams Family. He’s only met Carolyn Jones in New York. Adams,
doesn’t seem to mind that the series – now in its second season – is still in black & white. “I’ve always preferred
black-and-white, and I think I am dealing with a black and-white subject.”

Dateline – December 1, 1965 – Who Plays “IT” On The Addams Family?TV Guide Question

Here’s how it was answered that week –  “Who plays Thing, on the Addams Family series? The credits merely say “Itself.” … “Thing is just another TV mystery. ABC press agents insist they don’t know. We suspect it might be the producer’s right hand man.”

Addams Family Episode From Season Two


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