When did John F. Kennedy Jr.’s “George” Magazine debut?

George Magazine Cover

George Magazine Cover

Question – When did John F. Kennedy Jr.’s “George” Magazine debut?

Mr. Pop History - Although it doesn’t seem like a long time ago, “George” magazine debuted in September of 1995. At the launching press conference – Kennedy, flanked by his partner Michael Berman, told reporters “Ultimately, this magazine is going to stand on its own and that will come a couple of issues down the line when my last name doesn’t matter.” The first issue had a 500,000 printing with 175 pages. Full of pop culture and politics, George Magazine folded in March 2001.

What ever happened to TV maven Kathleen Sullivan?

Kathleen Sullivan

Kathleen Sullivan

From Doug M – Mr. Pop History – What ever happened to TV maven Kathleen Sullivan? She was on, well, just about everything in the 1980’s and 1990’s, then poof – she just disappeared. Did she pass away?

Mr. Pop History – No – Ms. Sullivan is alive and well I’m told, somewhere in Palm Springs. Her last media gig was as a newscaster for all-news KFWB radio Los Angeles. One day, she just up and quit and was never heard from again. Wild story. Her pictures are barely available on the Internet. Not even on IMDB. I found one in this site’s archives. Isn’t that face familiar?

Deborah Norville Breastfeeding Scandal

Deborah Norville

Deborah Norville

From Katlin P. – I remember Deborah Norville as co-host of the Today Show and it didn’t last too long because of some jealousy issues with Jane Pauley. I remember her leaving shortly after a People Magazine cover showing her breast feeding. Was this in 1990?

Mr. Pop History - The story comes from March 25, 1991. And yes, Deborah would be gone from the Today Show before the end of the year. Here’s a glimpse:

“The latest People Magazine shows “Today Show” host Deborah Norville breast-feeding her infant son. Some TV critics have taken issue on the photo. Tom Shales of the Washington Post calls it ‘a gross exploitation of oneself and one’s child all in the name of career advancement.’ In a statement, Norville says ‘motherhood shouldn’t impinge on a woman’s ability to do her job.’”

Vampire TV History… TV Trivia – There Would Be No “Buffy” Without “Night Stalker.”

Mr. Pop History -
That’s true. Back in the late 1990′s, Jamie Kellner – who headed the fledgling “WB” – wanted another “Night Stalker.” For those who don’t know, ABC-TV aired it as a movie of the week – and it was so popular, it went into quick production as a regular TV series. This was back in 1972. Starring Darren McGavin, it was about a down-on-his-luck newspaper reporter Carl Kolchak, who stumbles upon the story of his career: a vampire named Janos Skorzeny who was terrorizing Las Vegas by sucking the blood out of his victims.

Kellner got his wish – a week later, when, by coincidence, “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” was pitched to the network.

Late Rapper 2pac Shakur on TV? Pop Culture Rap History.

Mr. Pop History – Though he wasn’t known for his TV guest appearances – the late 2pac did a few. I found one, from May of 1996 when 2pac and another TV rarity (at the time) Ice-T – appeared on “Saturday Night Special” – a Fox-TV music-comedy show on Fox.

He wouldn’t be around much longer.

Others on that show – night of May 4, 1996 were, Rosie Perez, the Fugees, the Verve Pipe – along with regulars Laura Kightlinger, Heath Hyce and Kathy Griffin.

That show was produced by comedian Roseanne Barr (remember her?)

Did Seinfeld’s Julia Louis-Dreyfus Really Wear Glasses? Pop Culture TV Trivia.

She wore them a lot on the old Seinfeld series…

Mr. Pop History – No – they were there to punch up a scene – a prop. Character Elaine loved looking at people above her glasses – especially at work.

The gang believed that glasses were funny. Even Jerry Seinfeld did a “coke” glasses episode, and many remember when George mistakenly wore ladies glasses.

More Top Pop Culture Moments – 1990. Pop Culture History

The year was 1990 – here’s some more top pop moments into 1991.

Remember – this site contains the only week-by-week going’s on for the year 1990 and every year since 1955:

Tom Cruise splits from Mimi Rogers
M.C. Hammer hits with “You Can’t Touch This.”
The Three Tennors: Placido Domingo, Jose Carreras and Luciano Pavarotti are the rage.
Hubble Space Telescope goes into orbit and into history.
Goodbye Soviet Union
Milwaukee police arrest serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer
Liz Taylor marries construction worker Larry Fortensky at Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch.
William Kennedy Smith, charged with raping a woman at his family’s Palm Bach estate gets acquitted.

Hot Pop Culture – 1990

People Mag just came out with their top 1000 top pop culture happenings between 1974 (year magazine was founded) through today. All of these events are in the Mr. Pop week-by week archives – so – let’s begin listing some of them. Some are so ridiculous and inane – you knew the magazine was just filling. Some are pretty good.

OK – here goes – Hot pop culture from 1990…
Movie – Home Alone
Beverly Hills 90210 debuts on the new Fox-TV net.
Jim Henson passes
Rod Stewart marries lovely Rachel Hunter
Career’s hot – Andrew Dice Clay
New hitmaker – Mariah Carey
We loved the movies, “Ghost” and “Pretty Woman
ABC-TV’s singing “Cop Rock” – ohhh boy.
The Gulf War and CNN coverage.
Seinfeld begins

More from 1990 to come. Visit the 1990′s week-by-week here http://mrpopculture.com/index.php?pagelist=199 or at www.mrpophistory.com

Celeb Men Behaving Badly 1997 Style. Charlie Sheen Reminds Us Of Another Time In Hollywood.

Mr. Pop History – Charlie Sheen has nothing on the year 1997 when actors Christian Slater, Martin Lawrence , Hugh Grant and Robert Downey Jr. were doing “bad” things. August of that year, it was a continuing list of bad publicity for Slater, Lawrence and Downey, while Hugh Grant was in trouble for getting caught with a prostitute near Hollywood – in a car.

The public seems to tolerate misbehavior – if the celebrity comes with a pre-conceived “roguish” image. Pop history tells us – Slater, Lawrence and Downey came through fine. Grant, though not a rogue, was “forgiven” as well. He (masterfully) made fun of his escapade on TV talk shows, endearing him to his audience.

You can check the week-by-week pages of Mr. Pop to find out more.