First U.S. Color TV Test… TV Transmitted In Color On Network Station – When?

Mr. Pop History -
It was 1946 when the new Channel 2, the CBS-TV station in New City – sent a color-TV test witnessed by CBS executives 25 miles away in Tarrytown, NY!

Back then, WCBS-TV transmitted off the Chrysler building in Manhattan, and CBS wanted to see if their own color-broadcasting would work outside the city – in their “B” contour. TV’s were set-up at Tappen Hill Restaurant in Tarrytown NY – and the channel 2 signal along with the CBS color system, came through loud and clear. Executives made the drive – with food, drink and a terrific color picture.

The CBS Color system eventually went away, because – it was not compatible with black&white transmission. But – this is an interesting not in color-TV pop history.

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From Steve J – Mr. Pop – TV movies have or are written for 7 acts. Theater movies are written for only three acts. Why?

Mr. Pop History – TV is that way in order to accommodate commercials and station breaks.
And, TV movies on commercial networks are exactly 96 minutes. And remember – each act has to have its sort-of cliffhanger – especially the top-of-the-hour. Now – movies on HBO and other pay nets – they’re written as three acts. The second act is always the hardest to write.