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Technology News Timeline 2000-2009

technology news timeline 2007 iphone


2000 - Looks like changover to year 2000 went smoothly. Y2K was a big concern because many believed computer networks couldn't do the rollover and would fail... "Bluetooth" a wireless technology that links small devices - is getting more popular - and is being rolled out in more devices... AOL and Time Warner agree to merge. AOL is the largest Internet access provider... It's a big deal - Napster - a site that let's you share music. Music companies and artists are ticked off... Intel releases the Pentium 4 processor...

Intel Pentium 4 Commercial (Famous "Intel Inside") Campaign


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xBox Unveiled At 2001 CES Show

napster website 2001 tech news2001- Microsoft unveils xBox for gaming... Trend - Mp-3 music players... XM satellite radio begins service...  Apple introduces the iPod - a music player that's managed by something called iTunes... Looks like pagers are being replaced with cell phones. The business peaked during the early 1990's... A court orders file/music sharing website Napster to shut down...

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2002 - Internet Explorer is the biggest Internet Browser - by far. Netscape is being left in the dust... More and more sites are offering mp-3 music for sale... Flat panel screens are just coming into play for PC's. They're pretty expensive... Amazon.com declares its first profit!...  

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2003 - DVD's sales and rentals have taken off with sales up just over 70% and DVD movie rentals pass VHS rentals for the first time.  Apple unveils the iTunes music store - buy new music and add it to your iTunes manager...  There's a noticable drop in compact disc music sales this year - this due to online music - either legit or pirated... Search engine Google saw $100 million in profit this year... A different kind of phone is being seen - as Blackberry rolls out different lines of smartphones. For example - the 6120 and 6130 allow you to email, fax and make traditional calls...

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2004 - While Yahoo remains the #1 search engine - rival Google says it has added a billion search pages... DVD renter Netflix sees an incredible rise in profit... TiVo - a digital video recorder - is given the go-ahead by the FCC... Apple sells 10 million iPods this year...

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technology news 2005 google

2005 Google introduces a map service and lets you search for address and local business listings….Video sharing? A new site that lets you uploads videos - uploads video #1 - "Me At The Zoo." The site is Youtube.... Google overtakes Yahoo as the #1 search engine....   Nokia releases an amazing phone - the N70 - contains  a video camera, plays music, can get on the Internet and does much more. The first true multi-media phone. Later in the year - the N73 is released and is even better -  and is billed as a "multimedia computer" (this is the beginning of the super smart phone - the one everyone knows)... Blackberry and Palm have smartphones - but - not nearly as smart as the N73...  Looks like "Blu-Ray" will be the new HD standard for DVD's...  Intel launches its first duel-core chip - the Pentium D...  Microsoft unveils Xbox 360 - its rival to the Xbox... Buzz among college students for a site that you can post and share your status - it's called "Facebook"... 

The Nokia N73 - Presursor To The Apple iPhone

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technology news timeline 2006 twitter

2006 -  Video streaming content is heating up - as TV shows are offered by way of streaming...  "HD Radio" - a digital version of broadcast radio gets a lift from Radio Shack - who begins to sell "HD" radios...  Google buys struggling "YouTube" for $1.65 billion... "Twitter" a service where you can send short messages to "followers" debuts...

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2007 - New operating system for PC's - Windows Vista (this one is awful)...  Apple unveils its long-awaited iPhone. Like the advanced Nokia "super-smartphones" - the iPhone will contain features found on computers complete with IM, video viewing, camera, Internet, e-mail and more... XM and Sirius satellite radio agree to merge... "Guitar Hero" is the hottest video game...  Google now offers Youtube videos to be shared from any site with embedding code...  The Netscape browser says goodbye. It had dominated the browser market during the late 1990's...

Guitar Hero Is Hot

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2008 - Netflix begins to deliver movies via the Internet. For now, you'll need a desktop box... Intel launches a "quad-core" chip - with over 2 billion transistors... Google surpasses Yahoo to become the most popular website in the U.S (Google has lead in search since 2005 - this is overall)... Big trend - Wi-Fi in more and more public places... TiVo reaches 1 million users... Local TV stations will be converting to digital and you'll need a converter box...

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2009 - Youtube surpasses 100 million video views and keeps growing... Thank goodness - there's been so much criticism of Vista - Microsoft releases Windows 7.0 - a vast improvement... Local TV stations sign-off their old analog channels for good...  Google announces an operating system Chrome OS...  Social site Facebook says it has 300 million users...

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