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Year 2000-2009 Mr. Pop Video Timeline


The world changed with 9-11 and “terrorism” became a household word. Follow the Mr. Pop video timeline into the George W. era. Technology was changing at an ever-fast pace as we went from dial-up Internet into DSL. DVD’s become a popular video playback format. TV turned HD. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were as visable as the President. Apple came back from the grave with iTunes, the iPod and more. The cell phone became a smart phone. Google became the most popular search engine and began adding products and services like no other. The Internet could no longer be ignored by many who did. And, the nation elected its first African-American President. 


Ready, Set - Your Year And Go!

And - you can dedicate any year 2000-2009 in celebration or memorium - it's a special service of the Internet's first dedicated video timeline of the 2000-2009 decade.



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