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History Of Technology 2010-2014

Technology News Timeline 2010 - Pinterest

2010 Google says it will begin to sell its own mobile phone... Over 250 million Apple iPods's have been sold...  Facebook tops Google in visits... IPad debuts -  goes on sale... (this begins a whole new era - the tablet)...  Apple unveils the iPhone 4...  A photo-sharing site called, "Istagram" launches... Apple launches "Ping" - a social network to go along with iTunes (it won't last long)...  Skype now has over 600 million users. it's been around since 2003... Pinterest - a site to share photos with those who have the same "interest" launches...

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2011 -  4G is the hottest in phones... Guitar Hero is no more... Youtube begins hosting live streams... Another hot trend "Cloud" service. Apple launches iCloud... Facebook (F8) as it rolls out a personal timeline...  Google launches "Google +" a social network... Steve Jobs passes...  

Goodbye Steve Jobs

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2012 - Wikipedia shuts down for a day... Facebook buys Instagram... Blackberry lays off thousands of workers... Google announces it will offer Internet access... Windows 8 debuts - but, it has lots of criticism...  Online movie downloads outpace DVD's for the first time... Pinterest - just a few years old - hits almost 18 million users... Big trend - moving TV to the Internet...

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Windows 8 Debuts


2013  Microsoft eliminates Windows Live Messenger... Samsung and Apple iPhone suits are flying back and forth... Microsoft is buying Nokia's smartphone business... Apple unveils the iPhone 5S and 5C... Sony unveils Playstation 4...  Hot game - "Angry Birds"... 

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2014 - Sony says it will begin an Internet-based TV service... Facebook celebrates 10 years and offers users videos highlighting their history on the social net... Comecast wants to buy TimeWarner cable... Facebook buys WhatsApp for $15 billion... Samsong unveils its 5S smartphone...  Google unveils Android wear Smartwatch O.S. - it'll take multi-media and social network to your wrists... 

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