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Technology News Timeline 1990-1999  

1994 webcrawler search engine 

1990 - Duel-deck VCR's - where you can record from another tape - are here... Microsoft 3.0 is released... Microsoft launches "Power Point" as part of its office suite. The app lets you build presentations...   Sony puts the first HDTV on the market - as Japan now has some high-definition TV programming...

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1991 - Computer geek Tom Berners-Lee releases the code for something he invented in December/1990 - the Internet Browser - to the public. The name of this one - the very first is called, "TheWorldWideWeb". The Internet - a way for computers to get to the outside - is a great way to look at what others have published or to connect... Cell phones - it looks like the old analog cell phones are going to be phased-out and replaced by new digital formats - GSM overseas and CDNA here in the U.S.... Berners-Lee also sets up the first Web server & first Web site http://info.cern.ch/... Finally - A recordable compact disc device debuts. It's from Denon - but Sony says - it'll begin to offer one soon ...  

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The New Windows 3.1 - Check It Out!

1992 - Microsoft releases Windows 3.1 - and many are taking notice (this one works much better than 3.0 or any other MSOS thus far)... The first video/multi-media player for PC's debuts - Apple "Quicktime"...  Sony debuts something called a "CD ROM." It'll be terrfific for game play and other data storage because - it uses a compact disc... The WorldWideWeb browser changes its name to Nexus...

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1993 As more browsers come on-line, looks like for now - the Mosaic browser is the most popular... Intel becomes the #1 computer chipmaker... Direct-TV debuts... Microsoft unveils Windows NT- server software for business...

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What Is The Internet? NBC-Today Show Confusion!

technology news timeline 1990's - telephone booths disappearing1994 - Online services - where a PC connects to the outside world - are becoming more popular. These services (top ones) are known as CompuServe, AOL, Prodigy & AT&T has a new one: PersonaLink. Major Shift In Home Computing - It's now becoming clear - the personal computer isn't just about what you run on it - it's becoming a tool for getting information from the outside - from one of these services - or - from the World Wide Web - which they also link you to... Tom Berners-Lee begins the WorldWide Web Consortium (W3C)... The first concise way to search for content on the World Wide Web is up - WebCrawler. It uses technology called a web robot (already in place to search for FTP files and web addresses). Webcrawler - searches for content as well as addresses... Quickly - another search engine appears - Lycos...  Big trend - disappearing - outside coin telephones or telephone booths - due to cell phone availability

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AOL Commercial From 1995

1995 - The Mosaic Browser is now known as Netscape - and is by far - the most popular... Looks like Lycos search engine is taking off. It's a smart engine because - it gives your search relevency - the higher - the better...  CD-ROM's are showing up everywhere, are very popular and - have lots of content makers. It's a favorite device in newer PC's... Microsoft releases Windows 95... There's another new search engine - Yahoo!... On line shopping - a new online bookstore called Amazon debuts... 

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technology news timeline 1996 fliphone1996 President Clinton signs the telecommunications act -  allowing far more radio and TV station ownership of one entity... Microsoft releases Internet Explorer 3 - and like 1 and 2 - is bundled with Windows 95.  Unlike the previous versions - this one is free - and is closer to rival Netcape's performance. Clearly the browser battle is beginning. Netscape is on top in the browser world with 38 million installed... Web-TV - a way to put the Internet on your television - is launched... Nokia launches a phone that lets you do e-mail and fax - the Nokia 9000 Communicator... HD-TV broadcasting is here as WRAL-TV (Raleigh, NC) begins to transmit some high-definition content on a separate digital channel...Also seen - this cell phone looks great. Motorola's . It's small and flips - or folds. It's called a flip-phone (this would be copied by everyone)...

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1997  Steve Jobs returns to Apple as president. He was fired back in 1985... Mp3 - a technology that compresses the bit-structure in audio files - is launched. (this will pave the way for audio to be transferred over a rather slow dial-up Internet)... DVD's are launched. Unlike the bigger, bulkier 1980's  videodiscs - DVD's are the size of a compact disc... Earthlink is becoming a major player for providing users with Internet access and e-mail... Intel reigns as super chip maker. Its Intel Pentium II processor can clock up to 300mhz!... "Smartphone" - is a term now being used by a Swedish company called Ericsson for its new GS 88 "Penelope" phone. It's in the same class as last year's Nokia 9000.

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Yahoo Commercial


1998 - Microsoft launches Windows 98... Yahoo is now the top search engine. It competes with half-dozen others including Lycos, Alta Vista, WebCrawler, Go, Snap and - a new search engine debuts this year - Google.... Wireless Internet begins as a device from Ricochet debuts. The device attaches to the back of a laptop computer - and you can go wireless - but it’s available only in Seattle, Washington D.C. and San Francisco. The cost is $30 a month… Apple launches first new product under Steve Job's (second) reign - the iMac computer - built for the Internet... USB ports - are the big buzz. These ports are simplier and allow the computer user faster access to outside devices. Look for these to be added to PC's in the future... HDTV - John Glenn's space shuttle return is broadcast in the new digital HDTV format (ATSC) around the country (the true beginning of HDTV in the USA)...   Internet stocks - anything to do with Internet or tech (most aren't making money) is flying high... Time Warner cable begins offering modems to connect to the Internet. They say it "can" be faster than today's regular 28K dial-up modems from companies such as Earthlink - but - let's see... 

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1999 - DSL (digital subscriber line) - a faster way to get to the Internet - begins to roll out in New York City with speeds around 256K (this vs. today's dial-up modem at 28k). Note - it'll take years before DSL becomes common in most areas - but - the technology is promising because - it uses excisting phone lines... Microsoft tops out as the biggest tech company by far - valued at over $5 billion...   IBM says it will no longer sell PC's directly - as it is losing big money... New on the market - flat-panal TV screens - using plasma technology. They're expensive - Over $15,000 for a 50-inch-wide screen... Because of the new Mp-3 technology - there's concern over music pirating over the Internet. And, the first online music service is up as Lycos says it will provide links to over a half-million online songs - for a fee of course. Big concern for computers to change from 1999 to year 2000. Especially older processors. It's being dubbed "Y2K" and it seems, everyone's on edge. Will they change?... A new word for a sort-of on-line journal appears - "Blog" -  from the term - "web log"... 

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